Thin the Boglurk Armoredillos


Quest Name: Thin the Boglurk Armoredillos

Requirements: Level 35


            340,000 XP
            1,750 QP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Lily Patenkan (8.4N, 76.0E), Hakata


Lily Patenkan tells you, "The Brotherhood of Shapers commissioned me to deliver shipments of iron, silver and ore to their headquarters. The problem is that i can't recruit any miners to join my crew! Everyone I've approached is too scared of the armoredillos to go out into the wilds with me. Hogwash! I've met braver drudges, I tell you. Nevertheless, I've got to hire a crew as soon as possible. Destroy 10 Boglurk Armoredillos, and I'll reward you for your troubles."

After searching various islands in Omishan i was only able to find two Boglurk Armoredillos. After asking in general chat i was able to find the following location.

The easiest place to find these is to travel back to Cragstone(Osteth), take the portal to Rithwic, then the portal to Cavendo, Take the Ringway to Southwest Drudge Citadel Outpost. Once here mount up and head south until you see the NPC Spirit of Artefun. Once you see this NPC head west to around 12.3N, 9.2E were you should start seeing the Boglurk Armoredillos as you travel west from this location. If you get to where you do not see many more Armoredillos you may need to find a camping ground and farm respawns. Be mindful of the skeleton class creatures in this area as they do alot of damage.
Once you have killed all ten return to Lily Patenkan (8.4N, 76.0E) in Hakata.

Lily Patenkan tells you, "I knew I could count on you. Now, if I can just find a couple miners to count on, I'll be all set. Thank you for your troubles, adventurer."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab