The Great Tree


Quest Name: The Great Tree

Requirements: 25+


                 50,000 XP

                 1,400 QP

                 Deruwood Talisman

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 48 Hours

Start Location: Rakani, Great Deru Shrine(28.1N, 55.1E) located on top of the Deru Tree

Great Deru Shrine says:

"The whole cannot exsist without the parts, and the parts will die without the whole. Leaf and Limb and Root. Take my essence to them."


Take the Naderu Ringway from Rakani, to the Northwest outpost(35.7N, 52.2E) and run south to

                 Shrine of the Leaf (34.0N, 51.3E)

Use portal recall, or run back and take the Naderu Ringway to Northeast Outpost, run Northwest

                 Shrine of the Root (37.7N, 60.5E)

Here you will need to portal recall once more then travel Southwest to reach.

                 Shrine of the Limb (33.8N, 69.2E)

Once all Shirnes have been touched return to the Deru Shrine to recieve your reward.

Great Deru Shrine says:

"The mightiest forest was once a single shoot. The springtime begins with but one leaf. The Deru's return begins! Accept this talisman shaped from its living wood."

Deruwood Talisman
Blessing of the Deru:
The Deru's Blessing quickens your life, letting you regain Vigor quickly

Misc. Information:

Avoid Hunter Shreths and Fetich Spawns as much as possible, Do not run this on foot, use a mount.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab