The Broken Totem / Protect the Gembearer


Quest Name: The Broken Totem / Protect the Gembearer (group)

Requirements: Level 20+


      25,000 XP
      Vakentu's Haste - Run speed buff that lasts 24hours in game time

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 48 Hour Reset if Gembearer / 24 Hours if Protector

Start Location: Totem of Vakentu (9.3N 62.0E), Ikeras


Totem of Vakentu tells you,
"This totem, which once protected Ikeras, has fallen into disrepair. Woe! Enemies have stolen the emerald, and taken it to the dungeon known as the Darkenfowl Pens. You must bring is back. But beware: this task is dangerous, and you will fail it if you die. It should not be attempted alone!"

Darkenfowl Pens Map

From Ikeras, travel the Ariaki Ringway until you reach the Western Ariaki Outpost. From there, head south towards the Darkenfowl Pens (9.2N 50.4E). Once inside, the dungeon is very straight forward. Follow the linear path and kill everything in your way. Vakentu's Emerald will be in a very short hallway on your left just before you head down a set of stairs. The Emerald shows up on your radar as a white dot. Once you pick up the Emerald, your movement speed is severely reduced. You can Lifestone recall or portal recall out of the dungeon and return to the Totem of Vakentu.

Give the Vakentu's Emerald to the Totem of Vakentu (9.3N 62.0E) in Ikeras to complete the quest.

Totem of Vakentu tells you,
"Well done! You have retrieved the emerald - now place it within the totem, and the weeping of Vakentu shall end."


Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Spazmeister