Star of Heroes


Quest Name: Star of Heroes

Requirements: Level 50+ / Must be Hero / Must be aligned with a Kingdom


      50,000,000 XP
      Arramora Recall

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Radiant Temple High Priestess (4.9S, 38.6E), West of Mayoi - Radiant Temple


"The High Priestess does not move or speak, but oddly enough your attention is directed to the nearby Orb. You are suddenly aware that you have been directed to perform some strange task. Perhaps the orb will explain matters further."

You are tasked to assemble the legendary Star of Heroes from Radiant Stars. Examine the Orb of Insight.

"You stare into the heart of the mystical Orb. Suddenly, a vision transports you to another time and place. You see three robed figures, a Human, a Virindi, and a Shadow, standing before a gigantic prismatic gem apparently conducting some esoteric ritual. Battle rages around them, as mortal defenders of several races strive to defend the three from what seems to be an endless onslaught of Shadow warriors. Together, the three figures strike at the gem with magic bolts, and it shatters into a million lost fragments. Three larger fragments of the gem float briefly above their heads, and flare with starlike energies before vanishing. A vortex of energy rises from the shattered gem, and swirls through the scattering shards, causing them to twinkle and vanish. A scream of rage rises from the attacking Shadow army, perhaps indicating their mission had failed. The vision slowly fades, and you are filled with a sense of the High Priestess' sorrow and loss."

To begin the process of making a Radiant Star you must use the Radiant Star Recipes: the first is to create Radiant Beams which you need the 5 various colors of each kingdom for it to be created.

Radiant Beam of Shadow Red Radiant Ray of Shadow
Yellow Radiant Ray of Shadow
Green Radiant Ray of Shadow
Blue Radiant Ray of Shadow
Violet Radiant Ray of Shadow
Radiant Beam of Dominion Red Radiant Ray of Dominion
Yellow Radiant Ray of Dominion
Green Radiant Ray of Dominion
Blue Radiant Ray of Dominion
Violet Radiant Ray of Dominion
Radiant Beam of Order Red Radiant Ray of Order
Yellow Radiant Ray of Order
Green Radiant Ray of Order
Blue Radiant Ray of Order
Violet Radiant Ray of Order

You must then take one of each Beam to create a Radiant Star, you will need six Radiant Stars.

Radiant Star Radiant Beam of Shadow
Radiant Beam of Dominion
Radiant Beam of Order

You must now take the six Radiant Stars and create the final product a Star of Heroes.

Star of Heroes Radiant Star x6

You will now be able to take the Star of Heroes to Arramora and give it to the Hero Star to set your ability to recall to Arramora.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab