Spirit Guide


Quest Name: Spirit Guide

Requirements: 36+


            400,000 XP
            Red Fire Cesta

Time Limit: 1 Days

Reset Timer: 3 Day Reset

Start Location: Amano-Bal (28.1N, 55.2E), near the Deru Tree.


Amano-Bal tells you, "Greetings, child. The ancient Tonk spirits have awakened! Can you not hear their whispers? I have been summoned to this world from holy Ezheret itself. The time has come to purge the land of the evil influence of the Burun. The ritual is complex and lengthy, and it must be repeated periodically, but the longest journey begins with a single stride. Take this wand. Seek out a Tonk of pure spirit to bless it, and return to me."

Wand of Cleansing


Travel to the town of Zu by way of Ikeras once in Zu give the wand to Akkilea

Akkilea tells you, "What? Amano-Bal? Manifest here on Dereth! Amazing! You are fortunate to see such a thing in this sad and debased age. Indeed, we are all fortunate that the children of Ezheret have at least seen fit to work their will in the world. What? You ask me to bless the Wand of Cleansing? I, a pure spirit? I hardly think such a thing is possible. No, you must be mistaken...."

"But who am I to say whether I am pure or debased. I am certainly not wise enough to say. Here, I will give you my blessing. May it serve you well... may it serve us all well!"

Now return it to Amano-Bal in Rakani.

Amano-Bal tells you, "Well done, child. Now the ritual can begin. You must seek out each of the 11 Tonk shrines in turn. Offer each the wand. When you have received 11 blessings, return the wand to me."

You must now visit the Tumerok Shrines In the order given and hand them the wand for their blessing:

1. Shrine to Palenqual (18.5N 53.4) Northeast Ariaki

You offer the wand to the shrine. For a moment nothing happens, but then a strange feeling of immanence surrounds you. You sense a weak and faded spirit that seems to be calling to you across a vast stygian abyss, but its voice is too faint to make out any words. The image of a lush and beautiful island, illuminated by a brilliant sunrise, briefly appears in your mind's eye. The image fades and you are overcome with a terrible feeling of sadness and loss. Nevertheless, a small spark of spiritual energy flares briefly around the wand.

2. Shrine to Brother Volkama (37.8N 62.2E) Northeast Naderu Outpost

Shrine to Brother Volkama tells you, "Cleansing? Purging? Purifying? Good, good. Little one, this ritual is long overdue. Let us wash the taint from our lands."

You see a vision of tiny rivulets flowing down mountains, merging together to form streams which in turn combine to form mighty rivers. Water flows from the highest peaks down to the sea. Brief impressions of leaping fish, curvetting reedsharks, and basking armoredilloes flash before your mind's eye. Finally you see a long-disused channel choked with rotting reeds. Foul mucor beasts drip slime on the polluted silt of the old riverbed, and fleshy poisonous toadstools grow everywhere. In the distance, you hear a powerful rumbling, and a huge wall of water rushes down the channel, obliterating the corrupted growths. In its wake, a vital, healthy river flows through a cleansed land.

3. Shrine to Brother Tanea (3.2N 85.6E) Hakata

You offer the wand to the shrine. You smell the rich aroma of cedar and pine needles, feel the feathery brush of fern fronds between your fingers, and see the awesome height of a Deru tree rising before you, reaching hundreds of feet above the lesser trees around it. Flashes of experience thrill through you: for a moment, you are a squirrel scampering over a branch, a raptor stooping on the squirrel, a rabbit fleeing an unseen foe, and a shreth hungrily seeking its prey. The flashes of animal lives fade, and you feel an awesome silence descend on the primeval forest of your vision. Somewhere, in the heart of the forest, you sense a source of taint, of corruption, which feels like a gaping wound in your chest, as if your heart had been ripped out of your body, leaving a painful void. After what seems an eternity, a deep voice breaks the silence:

Shrine to Brother Tanae tells you, "The forests and jungles of Omishan are blighted, tainted. This must be set aright. Receive now my blessing, seeker, and cleanse the land of its poisons."

4. Shrine to Mother Aundetanga (32.4N 66.1E) Northeast Naderu Outpost

You offer the wand to the shrine. You feel a clean cold wind and see a vision of snow glistening on a mountaintop. Black granite crags thrust through the snow, sheltering small outcroppings of grass. In a cleft between jagged peaks, a sun-drenched valley is filled with wildflowers. Somewhere in the distance you hear the high lonesome cry of an eagle... Then your vision plunges deep within the mountain's stone body. You sense the strength and solidity of living rock and feel a deep vital connection to the depths of Auberean. But something is not right at the heart of things... you feel a flaw, a rift, deep underground, slowly contaminating the very rock itself... As the vision fades, a crackling harsh voice resonates, so deep and slow it is felt almost as much as it is heard:

Shrine to Mother Audetanga tells you, "Mend the flaw.... Repair the breach.... Seal the rift.... Cleanse the taint...."

5. Shrine to Great Sister Rain (4.8S 93.6E) Sanctuary

You offer the wand to the shrine. For a moment all is quiet, then you hear thunder rolling in the distance, faint at first, then growing louder, closer... You sense a horrible emanation of corruption and decay from the earth beneath your feet, and anger and rage from above. The sky darkens as storm clouds gather overhead. Suddenly a deluge of rain slams down upon you, the violence of the storm almost overwhelming in its power and strength. Bolts of lightning lash the ground around you, momentarily throwing the landscape into stark relief, and deafening thunderclaps shake the earth. The sense of rage intensifies as you realize that the storm has failed to cleanse the poisoned land around you. After a time, the thunder and lightning cease, and the deluge diminishes into a warm, gentle misting rain. A soft female voice diffuses through the mist:

Shrine to Great Sister Rain tells you, "Yes, mortal, the land is tainted beyond my power alone to heal it. Take this blessed wand, and use it in my name. Oh.... Kiss my sister for me, when you meet her, if you would be so kind...."

6. Shrine to Great Sister Wind (26.6N, 58.5E) Rakani

You offer the wand to the shrine. For a moment nothing happens, but then a breeze begins to waft around you. The wind intensifies, gusting, blowing, soon becoming a screaming cyclone. Small dust devils spin nearby, and in the distance you see a funnel cloud headed your way. The tornado grows larger, darker. Where it contacts the earth, debris flies upward, blasts of tainted earth spraying in all directions. But you can sense that the wind's action does not affect the source of the pollution deep beneath your feet. The lashing winds slowly die down, and the tornado dissipates into wispy clouds which rapidly disperse. A last dust devil dances before you, and you feel a soft breath of gentle air on your lips. You hear a breathy female voice whispering in your ears:

Shrine to Great Sister Wind tells you, "Mortal, you must complete your circuit. All our powers together are necessary to cleanse the land. Oh, yes.... Tell my sister that one kiss is not enough...."

7. Shrine to Black Mother Earth (13.5N 61.0E) Ikeras

You offer the wand to the shrine. You suddenly feel yourself to be embedded in the earth. You sense myriad roots reaching down through the soil, soaking up water and nutrition. Living spores nurture themselves in the black earth, and insect and animal life burgeons around you. Countless small creatures burrow through the earth, refreshing it as they travel, and the deaths of other plants and animals renew the earth with their essence.... But there is something wrong.... Poison seeps up into the rich dark loam from below, contaminating not only the soil, but all the living creatures which depend on the soil.... Life itself is corrupted by the taint. The natural process of corruption and decay is out of control in the earth, destroying more than it renews, rendering life down into vile pollution. You can do nothing, you are completely passive and powerless to act.... A great frustration fills your heart.... Thick, slow words form in your ears:

Shrine to Black Mother Earth tells you, "My body is poisoned, cancerous. The taint must be purged. You must complete the circuit and finish the ritual. It is my only hope for salvation."

8. Shrine to Blue Mother Heaven (8.5N, 65.8E) Southern Tou Tou Outpost

You offer the wand to the shrine. Your vision ascends in a dizzying spiral up to the sky. You can see in all directions at once, viewing the entire expanse of Auberean from every angle. Islands, archipelagoes, continents dance beneath you. All over Auberean, monstrous Olthoi thrive, dominating almost all other life forms, save in a small group of islands you recognize as Dereth and the sad remnants of lost Palenqual. Even there, numerous Olthoi can be seen, yet these are different from the rest, somehow divorced from the million other interconnecting hives and warrens. Your attention focuses on Omishan. You can sense a deep source of contamination beneath the land, welling upward to poison everything it touches. Yet from your lofty vantage, far-seeing though it may be, you can do nothing; you cannot reach the ground, and your power cannot touch the source of corruption. A high clear voice echoes in your mind:

Shrine to Blue Mother Heaven tells you, "Sight alone avails nothing in the face of evil. Action must follow vision. Take this wand, complete the ritual, and purify the land."

9. Shrine to Hazahtu, The Blind Eye (32.6N 50.5E) Northwest Naderu Outpost

You offer the wand to the shrine. Darkness descends on you, blotting out all vision. Absolute silence surrounds you, and you feel yourself floating in a vast, hot, dark, heavy medium. Somewhere, beyond the bounds of your normal senses, you know there is a place of light, of harmony, of life and vitality. You feel a great yearning for this place, but know that you cannot ever reach it.... Yet you are nevertheless content to rest here in the weight, in the silence, in the warmth, in the darkness. Merely knowing that the other place exists is enough for you. Now though, you can somehow perceive a flaw in the place of brightness, a defect which lets in a vile darkness far different from the eternal night which surrounds and nurtures you. The flaw must be repaired, the light perfected, but you cannot even see that other place, much less reach it... The memory of a voice emerges in your mind, you cannot remember how it sounds, but these are its words:

Shrine to Hazahtu, the Blind Eye tells you, "For the light which I cannot see, I bless your quest, seeker. Go and heal the realm of life."

10. Shrine to Ezereth, Great father Sea (7.2s 72.4E) Shinoko

You offer the wand to the shrine. Your sense of place slowly dissolves as you feel yourself covering Auberean, surrounding the land, embracing all of creation. Though you can easily perceive them, you care little for the doings of the creatures which inhabit the pitiful outcroppings of soil and rock which emerge from the waves, for you are unchanging and eternal, and they are but poor small ephemeral things. Yet in the end they will return to your embrace, and they are all your children, whether you will it or not. Beneath one of those small patches of land, a source of corruption bubbles and breeds. Where it contacts the waters of the world-sea, the ocean is poisoned. You feel a slow, vast sense of outrage, yet you are powerless to prevent the spread of the contamination. Vast, crashing, roaring words resound in your head, drowning out all reason and sense, awesome in their intensity, intelligible only in retrospect:

Shrine to Ezheret, Great Father Sea tells you, "Go, little one, take my power, combine it with the power of my children, destroy the evil, cleanse the land. GO NOW AND DO MY WILL!"

11. Shrine to Wharu (10.2N 46.0E) Eastern Kydi, you must climb the walls of the mountain to reach this shrine.

You offer the wand to the shrine. You sense vindictive amusment and a vicious spitefulness. No words are spoken from the shrine, but you hear instead a jeering contemptuous laughter which has an oddly insect-like quality to it. The wand rolls off the shrine, rejected and unchanged.

The Shrine of Wharu has rejected the wand. Return to and hand Amano-Bal the wand.

Amani-Bal tells you, Ah.... Wharu's spirit is refractory as ever, I see... But no, there is a deep evil at work here, deeper than I can fathom. Still, the ritual must proceed. You must find a ritual item of Wharu and bring it to me. I will hold the wand until your return.

You must then head to Northwest Tou Tou Outpost from Zu and enter the Lair of the Burun Ugruk Shaman(22.5N, 57.0E).

Lair of the Burun Ugruk Shaman Map

You must collect the 4 colored keys(Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) before you go on through the doors at the far end. On the floor of the dungeon are barrels of food, walking near one heals you for 100 each.

Red Key
Yellow Key
Green Key
Blue Key


Use the 4 colored keys on the 4 doors in this order (Red, Yellow, Green then Blue) and proceed to the boss chamber and kill the Burun-Ugruk Shaman(Level 38), and loot the Wharu Fetish, and the Red Fire Cesta.

Wharu Fetish
Red Fire Cesta

Value 500 Gold

Damage: 140-175

Combat Delay: 0

Vigor Cost: 10

Critical Hit Bonus: 5%

Effect: Inferno, 9 damage per second for 15 seconds


Return the Fetish to Amano-Bal (28.1N, 55.2E), near the Deru Tree to complete the quest.

Amano-Bal tells you, "Ah yes, this will do nicely. The ritual may proceed." "Andanea furan arutea! Ezheret! Kanu en-tilessea Auberean! Ashron-ka amartiya ven ordan artisa! Malinua revaran --Ezheret!" "The ritual is complete. The Burun poison has been partially cleansed. Return again, child when the time is right, that we may further reclaim Omishan from the ravages of the Burun hordes."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab