Slithis Hunt


Quest Name: Slithis Hunt

Requirements: Level 50+, Hero


            % based XP - 2% needed to level
            'Shadow Wing Ort' or a 'Shadow Blade Ort' (randomly given)

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Day Reset

Start Location: Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt (10.8N, 62.3E),  Shadow Stronghold Antechamber in Ikeras


Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt tells you, "Well met, adventurer. I do not know your name, but perhaps you can do me a service. You will, of course, be rewarded for your efforts."
"Adventurers have reported seeing advanced slithis forms in several locations in recent months. Strange and deadly new spawn have been seen in our enemies' places of power, and some have even reported seeing mature slithis tendrils in certain areas deep within the earth. Recently I have heard that new spawn have been found on the surface."
"While we Shadows find power in the darkness, that does not mean we wish all that is buried to be revealed. Some of the deeper powers are implacably inimical to all life, even to such as we. If you would do me a further service, please seek out these new slithis, and report back to me when you have some useful evidence or clues as to their origin."
"Please seek out the new slithis forms and learn what you may of them. I understand one of the new slithis spawning grounds is in Northwest Osteth, one is on a volcanic island in Omishan East of Zu, and one is in the wastes of Northern Gevoth in Linvak."

Travel to one of the locations inthe table below, if Chaos Spawns are not found around this portal use the portal to arrive at another location. Kill the Chaos Spawn near the Chaotic Portals to collect 13 Slithis Seeds. The Chaos Seeds have approx. a 10-15% drop rate.

Slithis Seed

Known Locations of Chaotic Portals:

49.6N, 15.5W (West of Battlefield, Northern Osteth)
50.2N, 15.5W (West of Battlefield, Northern Osteth)
50.8N, 14.5W (West of Battlefield, Northern Osteth)
51.1N, 15.0W (West of Battlefield, Northern Osteth)
17.6N, 79.4E (NE island from Zu)
20.2N, 76.7E (NE island from Zu)
21.3N, 78.8E (NE island from Zu)
20.0N, 78.8E (NE island from Zu)
18.6N, 77.9E (NE island from Zu)
19.1N, 77.6E (NE island from Zu)
19.7N, 78.2E (NE island from Zu)
36.0N, 70.6E(East of Northeast Naderu Outpost, Next to Dark Agent)
4.6S, 53.4W (North of Eastern Gevoth Outpost)
4.4s, 54.9w (North of Eastern Gevoth Outpost)
5.8s 54.3w (North of Eastern Gevoth Outpost)
6.1S, 53.4W (North of Eastern Gevoth Outpost)

Return to Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt (10.8N, 62.3E), Hand the 12 seeds to Kenarea one at a time, If you accidentally consume a seed you will recieve a debuff called Chaos Corruption. The buff can be removed by eating two more seeds in quick succession, or by the completing The Path Into Darkness, The Path Into Light or Retracing the Path quests.

Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt tells you, "Well done. Please accept this small reward for your work. I can now commence my analysis."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab