Slay the Tormented Fury (Group)


Quest Name: Slay the Tormented Fury (Group)

Requirements: Level 24


            60,000 XP

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Shi Elikaua(16.5N, 73.7E), Zu


Shi Elikaua tells you,
"In the wilds of Tou-Tou lurks a creature of darkness and despair, one of our great ancestors torn from his slumber and forced to fight a battle against his own people. The Tormented Fury must be stopped, find it, and destroy it."

You have been tasked to find and kill the Tormented Fury. He has the ability to spawn anywhere the Ero-Bal spawn, but has been located in the southern hills near the Sclavus Hirophant's Temple (8.7N, 67.9E), and west of of the Ruins of Lin which is located at (11.7N, 68.3E). He should not be attempted solo at minimal level as he has 4408 Hitpoints and 4350 Vigor.

Once you have slain the Tormented Fury return to Shi Elikaua(16.5N, 73.7E) in Zu to recieve your reward.

Shi Elikaua tells you,
"Excellent work <playername>. Now with the dead slumbering as they should, perhaps the land can begin to heal from the darkness."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab