Slay Lady Silva - Tyrant Helm (Group)


Quest Name: Slay Lady Silva - Tyrant Helm (Group)

Requirements: Level 45+ , Must not be on any other Tyrant Lament quests


            1,000,000 XP
            Tyrant Helm

Time Limit: 21 Days

Reset Timer: 14 Day Reset

Start Location: Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith (10.2N, 89.1E), near East Vesayan Outpost


Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith tells you,
"After all my wanderings, I have succeeded in my mission! I have discovered the ingredients for the perfect enchantment for a Tyrant Helm, one that would make its wearer immune to the caprices of the Lord of Tyrants. To prove yourself worthy of my gift of the recipe to create this wondrous item, slay the Lady Silva, the Tyrant Lord's own brood-sister. She now cares for her brood in the very bowels of the fiery calderas of the Vesayan Isles."

Journey into Silva's Lair located at (12.5N, 89.6E) with a well geared Fellowship. Kill her and once you have completed this task return to Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith (10.2N, 89.1E) near East Vesayan Outpost.

Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith tells you,
"Congratulations! You have braved the Lady Silva's fiery wrath and lived to tell the tale. Here is the quest recipe for the Tyrant Helm with my blessings, for you have earned it."

You now have a new recipe you can access by opening your Skills Window, selecting the Crafting tab, scroll down to Quest Recipes and selecting Tyrant Lament.

To create the Tyrant Helm you will need the following:

Tyrant Tooth
Tyrant Claw
Tyrant Eye
Tyrant Tongue
1,000 Gold

Add the items to the Recipe and create the Tyrants Helm.

Tyrant Helm
  • Armor Rating: 25
  • Combat Delay: 15
  • Tyrant's Ward: Grants you partial immunity to Quiescence, Blindness, and Quelling.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab