Shreth-Hunter's Guide to Omishan


Quest Name: Shreth-Hunter's Guide to Omishan

Requirements: Level 30


      60,000 XP
      600 QP
      1,250 Gold

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E), Hakata


Lupe tells you,
"Good news! I've almost completed my book, the Shreth-Hunter's Guide To Omishan. I just want to include copies of those scrolls that the Warders hand out to newcomers, and it'll be finished. Here's the manuscript... please add those scrolls for me, and then deliver the Guide to my friend Gallus in Whitebay. And for your ancestors' sake, be careful! If you lose this, the next copy will include a chapter on How To Skin Adventurers!"

Lupe's Manuscript

You have been tasked to retrieve a Quest Scroll from each of the major cities Warder Trackers and compile them together.

Onara Warder Tracker (8.2N, 76.4E), Hakata
Kybre Warder Tracker (29.2N, 71.8E), Ankoro
Atika Warder Tracker (27.5N, 55.7E), Rakani
Otokori Warder Traker (10.1N, 63.0E), Ikeras
Miraua Warder Tracker (16.2N, 73.4E), Zu
Manawa Warder Tracker (4.8S, 69.3E), Shinoko
Ngama Warder Tracker (5.2S, 44.2E), Mayoi

Once you have collected all seven Quest Scrolls use the Quest Recipe to merge them into the Shreth-Hunter's Guide to Omishan.


Shreth-Hunter's Guide to Omishan

Return to Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E) in Hakata, he will confirm the book and send you to Gallus(21.3S 4.8W) in the town of Whitebay on Linvak Massif.

Lupe tells you,
"Looks great. Now hurry and deliver this to my friend Gallus in Whitebay. He's been waiting for quite a while!"

Give the book to Gallus (21.4S, 4.8W) to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

Gallus tells you,
"Is this Lupe's book? Wonderful! I've been telling her to finish it for ages, but she's always out stalking something. It goes against her nature to sit at home and scribble, you know. Here's a pouch of gold for your trouble... so long, and thanks for all the scrolls!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Grudge