Shreth-Hide Leather


Quest Name: Shreth-Hide Leather

Requirements: Level 30+


            120,000 XP
            600 QP
            1250 Gold

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hours Reset

Start Location: Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E), Hakata


Lupe tells you, "This isn't easy for me, but... I need your help. I've been tracking a wily old shreth for weeks, and I just can't catch up with him. He's learned my scent. Every time I get within a mile of him, he takes to the hills. He's skulking around northeast Naderu now... Bring me his hide, and I'll be grateful."

Travel to the area around (39.2N, 68.1E) in northeast Naderu and find a Scarred Shreth Hunter, kill him and loot a Scarred Shreth Rawhide. Return to Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E) in Hakata and hand him this item.

Scarred Shreth Rawhide

Lupe tells you, "That old shreth was a worthy opponent, was he not? I've promised his hide to my Lugian friend Gallus in Whitebay. Unfortunately, I can't tan the hide properly without tallow, and I've used the last of my stock. Could you butcher 100 units of tallow from a monster for me? It shouldn't take long."

Use your Butchering skills to collect Tallow, as a reference you can use the Traits Table to find creatures who may produce Tallow as a product. Once you have 100 Tallow give the items to Lupe to advance the quest.


Lupe tells you, "There, it's finished. Now take this to Gallus in Whitebay, on Linvak Massif. Please ask him to give you something extra for this delivery - you've earned it."

Scarred Shreth Leather

Take the portal to Linvak Massif Located at (17.2N, 92.7E) in the Vesayan Isles then travel to Whitebay which is a town located on the east side of the continent of Linvak Massif and give the Shreth-Hide Leather to Gallus (21.3S, 4.8W).

Gallus tells you, "Ah, Lupe's leather is always first-class.... If only I had more soldiers to protect with it! Still, your efforts are impressive. Take this payment and my congratulations."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab