Sanguine Fang


Quest Name: Sanguine Fang

Requirements: Level 17+


      10,000 XP
      1,100 QP
      Mark of the Fang (3 hour buff)

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Reset Timer: 2 Day Reset

Start Location: Kill Kachem Mimbu and loot/use a potion of Sanguine Fang Ungent


The best place to find these are around the Water Temple area, Kachem Mimbu are level 21 and can be soloed at the mimimal level of 17 by most melee, ranged and magic classes. Once you have obtained a Sanguine Fang Ungent use it to start the quest.

Sanguine Fang Ungent

While under the effects of the potion you will have two buffs, It is advised to kill as many as you can while the buff is active.

Sanguine Fangs Mimbu-brewed enhancement to fighting skill 30 Minute Duration
Sanguine Fang Skin The intense hatred of the Sclavi turns you red with rage! 30 Minute Duration

You are tasked to kill the following:

Kill 10 Aste Sclavus
Kill 5 Essa Sclavus

These can be found within the Inner Darkness Dungeon(7.2S, 40.7E) located west of Mayoi.

Inner Darkness Dungeon Map

Once you have killed all the required the quest will end and you will recieve your reward. You will also recive a Buff called Mark of the Fang. If you fail to complete the quest you will be given a Debuff which makes Sclavi more likely to attack you.

Mark of the Fang Mimbu-brewed enhancement to fighting skill 3 Hour Duration

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab