Quest Name: Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Collar

Requirements: Level 30+


            80,000 XP
            Lasher Collar

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Bartholis(28.7N, 72.4E), Ankoro


Bartholis tells you, "Hello again! So, it's Scraps' birthday coming up, and I was thinking I'd like to make him a nice spikey collar. Find me 6 Degenerate Mucor Claws, would you?"

Take the Ferali Ringway (29.7N, 71.7E) to the Central Ferali Outpost, ride to the Mucor Mushroom Grotto (29.8N, 82.8E) enter the dungeon and slay the Degenerate Mucor along the first few caves, the respawn is fast and you will be able to gather all 6 Mucor Claws in a very short time.

Mucor Claws

Once you have all 6 return to Bartholis (28.7N, 72.4E) in Ankoro and hand him the items.

Bartholis tells you, "Oh, it's simply awful! Scraps has been killed by Devolved Mucors! I know, I can summon another Scraps, but it's not the same! Those Mucors need to pay for this, and I bet you'd love to teach them a lesson. Go kill 15 Devolved Mucors. Do it for Scraps!"

Devolved Mucor have killed Scraps, go to the Northeast Ferali Outpost by using the Farali Ringway (29.7N, 71.7E) and travel southeast, kill 15 Devolved Mucor. Once you have completed this task your quest will update. Return to Bartholis (28.7N, 72.4E) in Ankoro and speak with him

Bartholis tells you, "That'll teach those dirty Mucors! Listen, I finished Scraps' collar. Here, he would have wanted you to have it. Don't worry, I'll get another Lasher someday, but we'll never forget Scraps, eh? He was a Lasher among Lashers!"

Lasher Collar Remembrance of Scraps: Increases a Ranger's Adept and Toughen Hide skills by 3 points each.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab