Quest Name: Purification

Requirements: Level 20+


      25,000 XP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hours Reset

Start Location: Akkilea (16.8N, 73.9E), Zu


Akkilea tells you,
"Greetings, adventurer. I must ask you in all humility for a personal favor. I hope you will be so kind as to help me complete my ritual purification this day. My spirit is as yet... unclean... and I must seek forgiveness from a power greater than myself. Yet I must not leave my post at this time. Please take this talisman for me, and see that it is blessed by one who has the power to forgive my sins against the land."

Akkilea's Talisman

Travel to the Mistress of Shadows (10.8N, 62.2E) in Ikeras

The Mistress of Shadows tells you,
"Oh? And why should I waste my power on a failure? Akkilea is a fool if he thinks he can obtain forgiveness from the Shadow."

Travel to The Servant of the Empire (9.5N, 63.1E) in Ikeras

The Servant of the Empire tells you,
"Sadly, the one you call Akkilea has not submitted his will to the Dominion. He should not expect us to spend our power on his behalf."

Travel to the Hand of Asheron (10.1N, 62.1E) in Ikeras

The Hand of Asheron tells you,
"What? The traitor Akkilea calls on us for absolution? He has not yet redeemed his foul deeds. I am truly sorry, but Asheron's blessing cannot be bestowed on his behalf."

Travel to Rakani from Ikeras, Once in Rakani make your way through the city and up the Great Deru Tree (28.1N_55.1E) to the Great Deru Shrine and hand the talisman to the shrine.

You place the talisman on the altar. For a moment nothing happens, and then a faint fleeting gleam can be seen from the talisman, which quickly vanishes. You sense emotions emanating from the great tree: amusement is followed by anger, which gives way to sorrow. The impressions of emotion slowly fade, and are replaced by a feeling of calmness and wellbeing. Your journal for the Purification quest has been updated.

Return to Akkilea (16.8N, 73.9E) in Zu and hand him the purified talisman to complete the quest and gain your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab