Perforate the Puppet Spawn


Quest Name: Perforate the Puppet Spawn

Requirements: Level 20+ and have completed Perforate the Servitor Spawn


                7,000 XP

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Sumalar (10.0N_62.8E), Ikeras


Sumalar tells you,
"The Puppet Spawn also continue to grow in numbers, and they must be contained before they threaten the Naderu's very existence. We must thin their numbers before it is too late. Destroy 10 Puppet Spawn, and I will reward you."

Puppet Spawn can be found in the areas east of the Western Ariaki Outpost in the areas surrounding the Darkenfowl Pens (9.2N, 50.4E) and following the path towards the Aste Sclavus Temple (11.1N, 54.9E)

Return to Sumalar (10.0N_62.8E) in Ikeras to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

Sumalar tells you,
"Well done! I must reward you for your troubles. Despite your efforts, the dangers presented by the Spawn’s burgeoning numbers grow by the day. If you’d like to hear how you can help, speak to me again."

Misc Info:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab