Olthoi Scent


Quest Name: Olthoi Scent

Requirements: Level 45+, Hero


            None for Precurser
            4% needed to level, 60,000,000 XP max

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Ferali, Kill the adult Olthoi Gardners that spawn around the portals to loot a Olthoi Scent Gland.


Olthoi Scent Gland

Once you have found a Olthoi Scent Gland you will need to use the process below to create a Diluted Olthoi Scent Potion which will begin the Olthoi Scent quest.

A Feral Intendant must then use the Olthoi Scent Gland to be able to create a Olthoi Scent Gland Lining
Note: this component only lasts 2 hours before it must be used or it will be destroyed.

Olthoi Scent Gland Lining

A sage then uses the Olthoi Scent Gland Lining to be able to make a Purified Olthoi Scent Vial
Note: this potion only lasts 2 hours before it must be used or it will be destroyed.

Purified Olthoi Scent Vial

You then need an alchemist to use the potion. He will then get a new recipe to create a Diluted Olthoi Scent Potion.

Diluted Olthoi Scent Potion Recipe: (Creates 9 Potions)

  • 1 Alchemist vial (destroyed during the craft)
  • 1 Purified Olthoi Scent Vial

Note: this potion only lasts 30 mins before it must be used or it will be destroyed.

Diluted Olthoi Scent Potion

After completing the Olthoi Scent portion of the quest give each person in your fellowship a Diluted Olthoi Scent Potion, this will start the Olthoi Scent quest. This potion will grant you access inside the catacombs, and the egg chamber.

Now that you have the quest travel to Teltawa (31.7N, 76.0E) northeast of Ankoro to begin the Bring down the Catacombs portion of the quest line.

You then enter the portal to the Olthoi Catacombs. Make your way down and locate the Egg Chamber, its entrance portal randomly spawns in the dungeon so its not often in the same location. Once you go through the portal you will recieve the "Bringing Down the Catacombs" quest.
Within the large egg chamber there are six massive pillars supporting the cavern, they have 100,000 life each and must be destroyed. The cavern is swarming with olthoi, and more spawn with the destruction of each pillar. When all of the pillars are destroyed, the cieling of the cavern starts to fall which causes damage over time if you remain in the room. A portal will appear in the cavern for you to exit.

The portal leads back to Teltawa, upon speaking with him you will finish the Bringing down the Catacombs quest and receive your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab, Aeryn Coldfire, Nadralieth, Chadda, Merlouqe