Olthoi Grub Meat


Quest Name: Olthoi Grub Meat

Requirements: Level 45+


      Talisman of Absorption - Gives a chance to absorb some damage.
      Talisman of the Heart - Gives +75 in Health.
      Talisman of the Spark - Gives +75 in Vigor.
      Talisman of the Boomerang - 25% of the damage you receive will be reflected 25% of the time.

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 24 Hour


You will want a talisman that you wish to have imbued, know that once imbued it can not be re-imbued. If you plan to run this multiple times until you get the one you want, you will need one for each trip.

Travel to Ankoro and take the Farali Ringway to Farali Central Outpost, once you are here travel north until you see a Olthoi Grubs. Collect a Olthoi Grub Meat from killing grubs in the immediate area. You will now want to travel to the Mimbu Shaman (0.1S, 40.9E) northwest of Mayoi speak to him.

Olthoi Grub Meat

Mimbu Shaman tells you,
"K-k-k! All Mimbu munch grubs, yum yum! But grubs too big, too strong! Bring Mimbu grub meat, quick fast. Go now quick, or we kill you bad!"

Hand the Olthoi Grub Meat to the Mimbu Shaman.

Mimbu Shaman tells you,
"Feast time now, yum yum! Now you need reward. Put Talisman in cookpot. Pot imbue your talisman! Yum!"

No matter what talisman type you hand the pot the result will be random in which imbue you will get. A Talisman of Level 1 to 50 makes no difference in the random outcome.

Talisman of Absorption Chance to absorb some damage.
Talisman of the Heart +75 Health
Talisman of the Spark +75 Vigor
Talisman of the Boomerang 25% of the damage you receive will be reflected 25% of the time.

If you are trying for a specific talisman you will only be able to do this quest once every 24 hours.

If your timer is not up the Mimbu Shaman will tell you. "We not hungry. You go now, quick fast!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Xendrane