New Burun Threat


Quest Name: New Burun Threat(Group)

Requirements: Level 50+


      % based XP - 3% needed to level
      Olthoi Slayer (weapon buff effect applied +30 damage to Olthoi.)
      Lycaena Staff 

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Tuamoa (8.1S 87.2E), Sanctuary, Vesayan


Tuamoa tells you,
"Greetings, hero. I must ask your assistance in a matter of some importance. Recently, I have discovered that new Burun of surprising strength and power have arisen. They are always accompanied by Olthoi who seem to act as their pets. I reported my discoveries to the Tumerok war-leaders, but they dismissed my story as I have as yet no evidence to support my claims. Unfortunately, these new Burun now seem to be hiding themselves, and I have had great difficulty in finding any in recent days. Please try to recover concrete evidence that this new Burun threat exists. I first encountered these Burun in the vicinity of 11 N x 80 E, but I have found no trace of them there of late apart from one of their ugly toad idols. Still, this is perhaps a good place to start your search."

Travel to Hakata and make your way across the water to 11.2N, 80.2E you will see a dim red portal beside a rock. Click it and enter the Concealed Portal. Once inside you will need to fight your way through Olthoi and Burun, looting all Burun as priority until you find a Amber Pendant. Once you have found this item off a Burun return to Tuamoa (8.1S 87.2E) at Sanctuary and give the item to him. He will explain it must be used as some sort of Key.

Amber Pendant

Travel back to the Ancient Burun Idol(14.4N, 51.6W) and hand the Amber Orb to it. This will teleport you and all of your fellowship members to the Idol Dungeon. Here your goal is to loot a Amber Orb off a Burun Shaman Hivemaster, After you have collected the Amber Orb return to Tuamoa (8.1S 87.2E) at Sanctuary and hand him the item.

Amber Orb

Tuamoa tells you,
"Yes... this is clearly an item of great power. Most of its capabilities are mysterious to me, but I believe this item can also be used to open a sealed portal... Hmm... let me attempt to trace the power lines... Yes, someplace on Arramora you may be able to find the lock to which this is the key. I am sensing trees, insects, moisture... the location you must seek next is in the heart of the jungle."

You must now travel to the Ancient Burun Idol(14.4N 51.6W) on Arramora. Once you have reached the Idol hand the Amber Orb to the Idol it will instantly teleport you and your fellowship to the Arramora version of the Idol Dungeon.

Once inside travel south until you reach a large room, take the ramp upwards towards the northwest side. On the opposite side from the ramp you will see a passage, take this passage to the Burun Immortal Grandmaster and his Olthoi guards. Each member will need to kill this boss if they are wanting the Lycaena Staff, his respawn is roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Loot the Burun Immortal's Journal which you will need to return to Tuamoa(8.1S 87.2E) at Sanctuary.

Burun Immortal's Journal

Lycaena Staff Damage: 280-350
Combat Delay: 8
Vigor Cost: 8
Arcane Lore Required: 100
Lycaena's Gentle Wings: Improves Sage skills Bolster Conviction, Fortify, Heart Rend, Nurture, Recurrent Minstrations, and Saving Graces by 3 levels.
Lycaena's Savage Wings: Reap 500 health from the target

Hand the Burun Immortal's Journal to Tuamoa (8.1S 87.2E) to complete the quest.

Tuamoa tells you,
"Well done! This journal is just what I need to convince the war-leaders to pay heed to the new Burun threat. Thank you for your diligence, hero. I cannot offer you much in reward, but I have gleaned a little knowledge from the artifacts you found. If you give me a weapon, I can provide an enchantment that will empower it to slay Olthoi."

Choose the weapon you wish to embue with +30 damage to Olthoi and hand it to Tuamoa.

Tuamoa tells you,
"Very well, I have enchanted your weapon. Thank you again for your assistance, hero!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge