Quest Name: Nature's Friend

Requirements: Level 30+


            100,000 XP
            Deru Heartwood Talisman
            Nature's Ally Drum

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset


Part 1

First you are going to need Rabbit Meat you can find this off of any Rabbit. A good location to find these is south of Northwest Esper Outpost and just east of the Arcanum Vault. Collect 5 to 6 peices of Rabbit Meat then head to your next location.

Rabbit Meat

Travel to the Feral Pet Lasher north of Arwic Vault (35.0N, 5.2E) and give him one piece at a time the Rabbit Meat. He will give you an Ancient Monogua Bone in return.

Ancient Monogua Bone

Part 2

Travel north of Rakani and loot the Flowering Bushes until you have gained a minimum of 8 Withered Blossoms.

Withered Blossom

Travel to the Shrine of Black Mother Earth (13.5N, 61.0E) north of Ikeras and hand the shrine a single Withered Blossom. You will then recieve a recipe for a Garland that requires seven Withered Blossoms.
Use the 7 remaining Withered Blossoms to create a Garland of Flowers using the recipe.

Garland of Flowers

Give the Garland of Flowers and give it the Shrine and you will recieve a Scented Blossom.

Scented Blossom

Travel to the Outcast Wasp Queen (35.8N 13.9W) north of Cragstone. Give the Scented Blossom to the Wasp Queen, you will receive a Cluster of Wasp Eggs in return.

Cluster of Wasp Eggs

Travel to the Digger Dillo Mama (25.0N, 5.4E) near Rithwic. Give the Eggs to the Dillo Mama, you will receive a Succulent Truffle in return.

Succulent Truffle

Travel to the Grutt Gourmand (21.2N 2.1E) near Rithwic. Give the Truffle to Grutt Gourmand, you will get eight Anthracite Gems in return.

Anthracite Gem

Part 3

Travel north of Shinoko and loot Redberry Bushes until you collect 13 Redberries.


Go to the Shrine to Brother Tanae (3.2N 85.6E) outside of Hakata. Hand the shrine a single Redberry in turn you will recieve a recipe for Redberry Preserves that requires 3 Redberries.Craft all the Redberries into Preserves

Redberry Preserves

Then travel to south of Zu and give them to a Cocoon-Shrouded Bush. You will recieve a Spirit Butterfly Token and a Discarded Cocoon in return.

Spirit Butterfly
Discarded Cocoon

Go to the Bound Fetich area, the 2nd stop off the Naderu ringway out of Rakani (Isle of Contention), find a Corrupted Slithis Pod which can normally be found in the northern part of this area.
Hand it the Spirit Butterfly Token and a Purified Spirit Spawn will briefly appear. Quickly hand it the Discarded Cocoon, You will recieve a Enchanted Silk Thread in return. The Purified Spirit Spawn will disapear collect the Purified Spawn Husk it leaves behind. Repeat this process until you collect 4 Purified Husks.

Enchanted Silk Thread
Purified Spawn Husk

Part 4

Give one Anthracite Gem to the Shrine to Mother Aundetanga (32.4N 66.1E) off the Naderu Ringway. You will receive a recipe for an Anthracite Necklace, which requires an Enchanted Silk Thread and Seven Anthracite Gems.

Anthracite Necklace

Use the Anthracite Necklace. You are portaled into a dungeon full of Empowered Chaos Wisps. You also have a thirty minute effect on you which prevents them from attacking you.

The dungeon is fairly straightforward. Head down the stairs towards the Lasher. "Do not talk to the Lasher he will apply DOT effect to you". Hand it a single Ancient Monouga Bone. You will receive a Chaos Key in return.

Chaos Key

Head through the door using the Chaos Key to the Fountain. "Do not use the fountain it will kill you". Instead, give it the Purified Spawn Husk. You will get an Empowered Spawn Husk in return.

Empowered Spawn Husk

Handing in the Purified Spawn Husk turns all Wisps in the dungeon into Tainted Rabbits. Kill the Rabbits and collect at least eight Chaos Pearls. If you have not collected 8 before they turn back into Wisps hand the Lasher another Ancient Monouga Bone, enter and hand another Purified Spawn Husk to the Fountain. Repeat until you have all 8 Chaos Pearls then exit the area.

Chaos Pearl

Part 5

Travel to the Shrine to Ezereth, Great Father Sea (7.2S 72.4E) near Shinoko and give the shrine 1 Chaos Pearl. You will receive a recipe for a Pearl Choker in return.

Pearl Choker

The recipe uses 1 Enchanted Silk Thread and 7 Chaos Pearls to create a Pearl Choker. "Do not use the Choker it will kill you".

Go to the Mucor Mushroom Grotto (29.8N 82.8E) off the Farali Ringway. Head to the bottom and find the Undulating Slithis Tentacle. Give the Pearl Choker to the Tentacle, it will disappear and you will get a Slithis Heart in return.

Slithis Heart

Use the Slithis Heart to teleport into another area of the chaos dungeon. "Do not touch the Chaos Breach it will kill you". Hand the Empowered Spawn Husk to the Chaos Breach. You recieve a Chaos Power Crystal in return.

Chaos Power Crystal

Travel to the Deru Tree (28.1N 55.1E) in Rakani. Give the Chaos Power Crystal, this will start and finish the quest.

Nature's Ally Damage: 100-100
Combat Delay: 10
Vigor Cost: 0
Deru Heartwood Talisman Nature's Friend: The power of the Deru Tree surrounds and invigorates you, increasing your vigor regenerate rate by 100%

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab