Moarsman Fin Soup


Quest Name: Moarsman Fin Soup

Requirements: Level 30+


            60,000 XP
            600 QP
            Banderling Tooth

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hours Reset

Start Location: Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E), Hakata


Lupe tells you, A true hunter never wastes any part of the kill. You might think Moarsman Fins are worthless. I might think Moarsman Fins are worthless. But my grandfather always begs me to bring them home so he can make his traditional Moarsman Fin Soup. It's fetid stuff, but he's so proud of it... Anyway, if you bring me three Fins, I'll trade you something special.

Travel southeast of Hakata. Kill all the Moarsmen loot their bodies to collect Moarsman Fins. If this area does not drop well travel the Vesayan Ringway to the Sanctuary and kill the Moarsman in this area.

Once you have collected all three return to Lupe (8.5N, 75.8E) in Hakata to recieve your reward.

Lupe tells you, Great! I'll take these Fins to my grandfather right away... I certainly don't need them stinking up the place. Here, take this Banderling Tooth in return. I'm not sure what it's good for, and Grandfather would just try to make soup out of it.

Banderling Tooth

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab