Kill Kogun / Stop Aun Tanua (Group)


Quest Name: Kill Kogun / Stop Aun Tanua (Group)

Requirements: Level 56+


            Kill Kogun 4% XP needed to level (Repeatable)
            Stop Aun Tanua 5% XP needed to level (One time Quest)

Time Limit: 10 Hours for "Kill Kogun" / 4 Days for "Stop Aun Tanua"

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset for "Kill Kogun" / No Reset for "Stop Aun Tanua"

Start Location: Imperator Thromer Olvidan within the Imperatorial Court, speak with the Virindi Adumbrator (10.4N, 63.2E) in Ikeras to gain access. Nalica(order) or Naokim(shadow) will also allow you to start this quest


Before taking on this quest you will want to collect several items that will be needed to give to Aun Tanaua and to make a Disguise to allow you entrance into the fortress. Kill Fanatics which can be found across Linvak Massif, Arramora and various locations in Omishan. You may wish to gather a small group to do this as they are generally in small packs and are of level 65 and 70 with 7100-8900 hitpoints each. Each member of your group will need each item to create the disguise. Make sure everyone in fellowship has an Order Doctrine to hand in to complete their quest. For the other items only 1 person in the fellowship needs to hand in.

Bloody Doll Found on the body of a Fanatic
Broken Shield Found on the body of a Fanatic
Broken Sword Found on the body of a Fanatic
Guard Diary Found on the body of a Fanatic
Order Doctrine Three Doctrines Quest
Stained Diary Found on the body of a Fanatic
Torn Letter Found on the body of a Fanatic
Volkama Fetish Found on the body of a Fanatic

Each member of your group will need the following to create a Disguise to enter the Fortress, the Disguise will also allow you safe passage by many of the creatures within the fortress.

Fanatic Armor Fragment
Fanatic Armor Scrap
Tattered Fanatic Armor Plate
Shredded Fanatic Armor Plate

Once you have gathered these items double click each item (Fanatic Armor Fragment, Fanatic Armor Scrap, Tattered Fanatic Armor Plate) and use it on the Shredded Fanatic Armor Plate to create the Fanatic Disguise.

Incomplete Fanatic Disguise After adding the first part to the Shredded Fanatic Armor Plate
Partial Fanatic Disguise After adding the second part to the Shredded Fanatic Armor Plate
Fanatic Disguise After adding the third part to the Shredded Fanatic Armor Plate

Dominion go and speak to Imperator Thromer Olvidan within the Imperatorial Court, speak with the Virindi Adumbrator (10.4N, 63.2E) in Ikeras to gain access. To begin the quests.

Imperator Thromer Olvidan tells you, "Aun Tanua has raided our people again! I don't know much of his history, but I'm told he's an old-time hero of the Order of Dereth. How could someone sworn to virtue turn into such a rabid killer? I have no idea what motivates him, and to be honest, I don't much care. His potential for harm must be suppressed!
Therefore, in the name of the Quiddity and the People of the Dominion, I command you to find Aun Tanua and terminate his threat. It is so ordered in Council on this day of Harvestgain, Portal Year 500."

"Our mages have unraveled Aun Tanua's outer defenses. Here is a glyph key that should open the front door. Beyond that point, you must rely on your own abilities. Good luck."

Fortress Glyph Key

Kill Kogun

Now that you have the disguise you can enter Aun Tanua's fortress portal at (8.3S, 43.2E) southwest of Mayoi. Once there you need to cross an invisible bridge. On the other side is an orb, give the Fortress Glyph Key to the orb and use it to go in. You can now use orb anytime, even if you die and need to come back.

Aun Tanua's Fortress Map

Once inside head down the passage, until you reach the Fanatics, travel left, do not venture to the right, or wisps will spawn on you. You will find yourself in room with 3 portals and an open hole in the floor, where you can see an acid pit with acid spurts. Use the South portal, to portal up one level, then use the portal that will be on your left, so it would end up being, form the bottom, S-E-N-W-S-E. You will the find yourself in what is like a maze.

Turn out of the passage so you are facing South. The trick is to avoid all red passages, levers and gates, while moving left whenever you can. Head down the South passage, and take the 2nd left. Follow this passage and take the right at the end of the passage. From here, you should be facing South and a gate at the same time, turn left here, and take your first right, then turn left at the end. Head to the end of the passage, and turn right twice, then left twice, then follow the passage to the end, turning right, you will reach 3 gates, and a field of portals behind them.

Of all the levers, there is only one that does not spawn Wisps onto your group. To get to this lever you need to take all rights as you enter, unless you can go left.

Pass the gates into the field of portals, avoid the blue portals and search for a Teal colored one which is found in the bottom right hand corner of the room, on the nearest row, 2nd from the wall. Use this portal.

The portal will take you into another passage, follow it straight down, and you will reach a room with a wall in front of you. Behind this wall are fanatic rangers, sages, juggernauts and zealots, as well as the boss, Kogun. Here your disguise will not work, and you must defeat Kogun.

Kogun is a level 75 Juggernaut, with 90k health and vigor. Defeat him to complete the Kill Kogun quest.

The next step is a one time quest that can not be repeated.

Stop Aun Tanua

Now with Kogun defeated head into the second room were Aun Tanua is waiting. Hand him the items in correct order below. Once all the items have been handed in by the Fellowship leader, the other members of the Fellowship should now turn in thier Order Doctrine to Aun Tanua.

1. Bloody Doll
2. Guard Diary
3. Stained Diary
4. Torn Letter
5. Volkama Fetish
6. Broken shield
7. Broken Sword
8. Order Doctrine

Once the last item has been given a Cutscene will begin and the quest will complete.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab, some part from ac2hq by no author