Kill Chief Benamu


Quest Name: Kill Chief Benamu

Requirements: Level 18+


      2,000 XP
      200 QP

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Reset Timer: 5 Minutes

Start Location: Kill a Feyen Mimbu Swamprunner


This quest begins when you find and kill a Feyen Mimbu Swamprunner(Level 18). These are found where Feyen Mimbu can also spawn, and they can be found north of Western Kydi Outpost  south of Kydi Vault and rarely outside the Water Temple(0.9N, 44.5E).

The Water Temple Map

To reach The Water Temple(0.9N, 44.5E) travel to Northern Kydi Outpost and travel south, the temple is northwest of Eastern Kydi Outpost which does not have a Ringway. The Dungeon is very linear and pathing will lead you to your goal at the end with Chief Benamu and several other Mimbu. Clear the smaller Mimbu then kill Chief Benamu. Once you have done this the quest will complete and you will recieve your reward.


Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab