Infiltrate the Clutch/Slay the Brood Mother


Quest Name: Infiltrate the Clutch/Slay the Brood Mother

Requirements: Level 32+


      200,000 XP
      Burun Slayer (Slay the Brood Mother)
      Amulet of Ashes(Infiltrate the Clutch)

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: En Vestilua or Lavvana (7.6S, 87.2E), northwest of Sanctuary, Vesayen


By speaking to one of the two quest givers you have a choice as to which way would best serve the battle versus the Burun.

Lavvana tells you:
"Ah, seeker, I see you agree with me that our respected war-leader's plans are deranged by his unreasoning hatred of the Burun. They are our enemies, it is true, but surely it is wrong to slaughter their children.... I have an alternate plan to neutralize the Clutch without destroying it. Each Clutch uses a terrible Blood Fetish to initiate the new Broodlings into their toxic rituals of pollution and corruption. Without the Fetish, the new generation will perhaps not be as susceptible to their traditional tendency toward violence and destruction. In any event, they will be much less powerful enemies."


En Vestiluas tells you:
"Well met, warrior! With the disorganization of Nemesis forces following the tumult in the Undead ranks and the defeat of the Archons, we are finally ready to take the war to the vile Burun! All our warriors must do their part, but I have an especially vital and dangerous mission for you. You must infiltrate the Burun Clutch south of Ankoro and destroy the loathsome Brood Mother and her horrid spawn, the Broodlings. With the Brood Mother and her children dead, the Clutch will be neutralized as an offensive force until a new Brood Mother can be raised. Hopefully that will give us time to wipe them out completely! Death to the Burun!"

Head to the Burun Clutch(24.4N, 72.7E), South of Ankoro.

Burun Clutch Map

Once inside make all right turns until you come to a red Dungeon Portal, use the portal and follow the path to the main chamber were the Burun Brood Mother is located. Here you have two options based on the questline you chose.

A(Lavvana): Run past her into the statues belly's invisble pathway entrance were the sun engraving is) to steal the Blood Fetish to advance "Infiltrate the Clutch".

Blood Fetish

B(En Vestiluas): You can kill her to advance "Slay the Brood Mother"

Once you have completed your assigned task return to En Vestiluas or Lavvanas(7.6S, 87.2E) northwest of Sanctuary to complete your quest and gain your reward.

For the Lavvana quest line "Infiltrate the Clutch" you will recieve Amulet of Ashes

Lavvana tells you,
"Well done! Perhaps this is a first step on the road to peace. Regardless, the Clutch has been disarmed for the time being. Please accept this amulet as a reward for the risks you've taken. It will substantially improve your healing rate."

Amulet of Ashes Amulet of Ashes: The spirit of an ancient Tonk healer substantially improves your health regeneration rate.

For the En Vestiluas quest line "Slay the Brood Mother" you will recieve the weapon buff "Burun Slayer" imbued on your weapon (+60 Armor ignoring Damage to Burun)

En Vestilua tells you,
"Ha! Well done, warrior! The vile blood of the Burun must be spilled to the last drop before we can reclaim Omishan as our own! As a reward for your victory, you may hand me your weapon and I will bestow on it an enchantment which will enable you to slay even more of the repulsive creatures."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab