Fast Food


Quest Name: Fast Food

Requirements: Level 20


1000 XP 

Time Limit: 1 Hour

Reset Timer: 24 Hour reset

Start Location: Huavala (5.0S, 69.6E), Shinoko


Huavala tells you,
"Excuse me, kind traveler. Could you do me a favor? I fear that I have accidentally taken my daughter Marashi's Slithis Shake
instead of my own meal. Regrettably, I have no stomach for slithis. Would you be a dear and give this shake to her, and return
with my Moarsman Fin Soup? She likes to play on the eastern coast of this island, you can probably find her there."

Help Huavala retrieve her Moarsman Fin Soup. Huavala hands you a Slithis Shake to give to her daughter Marashi.

Slithis Shake

Travel to the East side of the Shinoko Island and find Marashi (5.9S, 70.8E) and hand her the Slithis Shake.

Marashi tells you,
"You brought my shake! Thank you so much! I don't have mother's soup though. I have my brother Ngala's meal, so he probably
has her soup. He said he was going to the ruins of Hebian-to for the day."

Marashi hands you a Cragstone Farms Sampler to give to her brother Ngala.

Cragstone Farm Sampler

Travel through the Gateway outside Shinoko to Zu travel south to the Ruins of Hebian-To to give the Cragstone Farm Sampler to
Ngala (14.0N, 69.7E).

Ngala tells you,
"Hey, that's my lunch. Thank you, stranger. This Gruttburger that I took by accident must belong to my father Grandule. Could
you bring it to him? He surely has mother's soup. He patrols one of the Lumari outposts, but I can never remember which one it

Ngala hands you a Gruttburger to give to his father Grandule.


Travel back to Zu and take the Gateway back to Shinoko, take the Lumari Spills Ringway to the Western Spills Islands here
you will find Grandule (1.0S, 55.6E). Hand him the Gruttburger.

Grandule tells you,
"Friend, I am eternally in your debt. Grutt meat is hard to come by out here. Here's Huavala's soup."

Grandule hands you Moarsman Fin Soup to give to his wife Huavala.

Moarsman Fin Soup

Travel the Ringway back to Shinoko and return to Huavala (5.0S, 69.6E) and hand her the Moarsman Fin Soup.

Huavala tells you,
"Ah thank you! You have returned with my meal! I do hope it was not much trouble."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab