Ero-Bal Purification(Group)


Quest Name: Ero-Bal Purification(Group)

Requirements: Level 28


          100,000 XP
         Purified Spirit Egg (Vigor Regeneration Potion) 

Time Limit: 4 Hours

Reset Timer: 22 Hour Reset

Start Location: Valentaua (4.5S, 44.7E), Mayoi


Valentaua tells you,
"May the Animae look kindly on you, adventurer. Now that we are at last beginning to make inroads against the Burun here on Omishan, it is the Invokers' duty to clense the land of the tormented spirits of fallen Tonks. of ages past. The most corrupt of these spirits are the Cursed Rea-Bals, wretched ghost who should by rights have long since passed on to the realm of the Animae. We Invokers are deeply concerned with the fate of these spirits, and Ezheret himself has shown us the path to their reclamation. I will bestow on your Ezheret's blessing, which will enable you to obtain Corrupted Spirit Eggs from fallen Cursed Rea-Bals, Take the eggs to the Shrine of Ezheret and you will assist in the purification of the land."

Travel through  the Gateway to Ikeras, then take the portal to Zu. Travel south of Zu here you will find a decent quantity of Cursed Rea-Bal. Make sure you have 12 slots open in your inventory as the Eggs do not stack. You will recive a Corrupted Spirit Egg after each kill. Note that you must be the one that makes the kill to recive the egg.

Corrupted Spirit Egg

Once you ave gathered 12 Corrupted Spirit Eggs make your way to the Shrine of Ezheret (7.0S, 72.3E) and hand each egg to the shrine. Once the final Egg has been given you will be teleported to a Boss room that contains Tormented Rea-Bal that have low HP, Cursed Rea-Bal, and a Cursed Master Rea-Bal which you must kill to advance the quest. If you happen to die while in the dungeon you can return to the Shrine of Ezheret(7.0S, 72.3E) and speak to it to re-enter the Boss room.

Kill the boss then return to Valentaua(4.5S, 44.7E) in Mayoi.

Purified Spirit Egg  Ezheret's Blessing: Golden Light surrounds you, Filling you with vigor/ Increases Vigor regeneration for 5 minutes.

Valentaua tells you,
"Ah, so a master spirit rose to contend against the will of Ezheret! You have done well to defeat him. Ezheret has already rewarded you, but please accept my thanks for your heroism. More restless Tonk spirits will doubtless need your assistance again in the future."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab