Quest Name: Elder Mine Raid

Requirements: Level 16+, Must be aligned to a kingdom (Order, Shadow, Dominion)


            % based XP - Max Cap 75,000,000 XP
            200 KP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Day Reset

Start Location: Within your Kindoms HQ is a Table with 4 Beacons (2 Omishan, 2 Linvak Massif) dependant on your kingdom.


Once you have picked up the beacon, make your way to the location inscribed on the beacon.

Linvak Massif Dark Metal Beacon
Omishan Dark Metal Beacon
Linvak Massif Celestial Matter Beacon
Omishan Celestial Matter Beacon
Linvak Massif Energy Lattice Beacon
Omishan Energy Lattice Beacon


Once reach its location use it. This will spawn a Portal Bore, you must protect it from the onslaught of monsters.

Known Locations : (4.7S, 55.7W / 22.6N, 86.0E / 35.0S, 39.2W / 18.0N, 69.8E / 2.8S, 29.8W / 39.2N, 68.2E)

Protect the Crystal Beacon for the complete 10 minutes without it being distroyed and a portal to your HQ will take its place. Upon entering the portal your quest will complete.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab