Dereth Rally


Quest Name: Dereth Rally

Requirements: 16+, Various Mounts from the three continents.


       XP: .5% needed to level
       Gold reward dependant on how many races you win in a row:
  • 1st: 1000 gold
  • 2nd: 3000 gold
  • 3rd: 6000 gold
  • 4th: 10000 gold
  • 5th: 15000 gold
  • 6th: 21000 gold
  • 7th: 50000 gold

For winning 7 races consecutively you win the Golden Saddle(a golden colored hero level mount)


Time Limit: 1 Hour

Reset Timer: 1 Hour for Quest, 4-5 Hours for next Global post to announce next rally.

Start Location: Speak with Rogol (4.6N, 64.8E) near the Northern Lumari Outpost.

Rogal says:

"Greetings! I am running a series of Dereth Rally races. To enter, just touch the starting obelisk, which will appear at the beginning of the race. You will then be informed of the location of the next obelisk in the rally course. Be the first to visit each checkpoint obelisk in turn, and you win the race!"


A Global Broadcasts will be posted to inform you when the next rally will begin. When the rally begins touch one of the beacons near Rogal to begin. Make your way through the four checkpoints that are displayed in your quest panel. Continue through all four checkpoints, then return to the finish obelisk to win the race.

Known combinations for the checkpoints:

Start Point 1 2 3 4 End Point
 Check1 Check2 Check3 Check4
Route 1 4.5N, 64.9E 1.2N, 64.2E 18.6N, 79.1E 30.4N, 85.2E 24.3N, 65.1E 4.5N, 64.9E
  Check1 Check5 Check2 Check6
Route 2 4.5N, 64.9E 1.2N, 64.2E 31.2N, 67.5E 18.6N, 79.1E 1.9N, 56.1E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check6 Check7 Check8 Check4
Route 3 4.5N, 64.9E 1.9N, 56.1E 3.9N, 44.4E 19.3N, 38.9E 24.3N, 65.1E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check6 Check9 Check10 Check11
Route 4 4.5N, 64.9E 1.9N, 56.1E 9.2S, 43.0E 11.0N, 43.6E 10.2N, 70.0E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check11 Check12 Check13  Check1
Route 5 4.5N, 64.9E 10.2N, 70.0E 25.4N, 80.6E 24.6N, 88.2E 1.2N, 64.2E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check11 Check13 Check3 Check15
Route 6 4.5N, 64.9E 10.2N, 70.0E 24.6N, 88.2E 30.4N, 85.2E 13.0N, 56.3E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check14 Check7 Check9 Check15
Route 7 4.5N, 64.9E 13.3N, 67.3E 3.9N, 44.4E 9.2S, 43.0E 13.0N, 56.3E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check14 Check16 Check17 Check18
Route 8 4.5N, 64.9E 13.3N, 67.3E 24.3N, 44.4E 8.5N, 38.9E 2.7S, 55.7E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check15 Check19 Check10 Check11
Route 9 4.5N, 64.9E 13.0N, 56.3E 5.2S, 40.6E 11.0N, 43.6E 10.2N, 70.0E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check15 Check22 Check17 Check19
Route 10 4.5N, 64.9E 13.0N, 56.3E 2.5N, 41.3E 8.5N, 38.9E 5.2S, 40.6E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check 20 Check21 Check12 Check14
Route 11 4.5N, 64.9E 33.4N, 57.4E 32.6N, 86.9E 25.4N, 80.6E 13.3N, 67.3E 4.5N, 64.9E
Check20 Check16 Check7   Check1
Route 12 4.5N, 64.9E 33.4N, 57.4E 24.3N, 44.4E 3.9N, 44.4E 1.2N, 64.2E 4.5N, 64.9E

Misc. Information:

*Mounts are REQUIRED to complete in time
*Mount Speeds are: Osteth 140%, Omishan 190%, Linvak 230%
*All run buffs/speed increasing skills are dispelled/disabled when starting
*Using any of the Starting Obelisks will give a random quest route from below
*Timer to complete quest/run routes is 45 minutes
*If you die, use recalls, or use ringway portals you fail the quest
*After you fail you CANNOT restart the quest with different checkpoints until the race you failed finishes, you can only restart after the next race
*Rewards for winning get progressively better as you get consecutive wins, at 7 wins IN A ROW you get the Golden Mount
*Timer on the next Dereth Rally seems to be 4-5 hours
*The route you get is random, but some of the routes appear to be much easier/shorter distance, this is un-confirmed but winning may require some luck if you are against people

Various parts of this walkthrough has been provided by: Kageya of Dawnsong