Deep Roots


Quest Name: Deep Roots

Requirements: Level 25, must have completed Into the Depths


           180,000 XP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Polauri (8.4N 75.9E), Hakata


Polauri tells you,
"There. This is a special vial I've prepared that will enable you to collect magical essence from defeated Slave Spawn. With that essence, I will be able to prepare an item that will allow a certain degree of control of the strange creature you found at the heart of the chamber. Beware; this enchantment may arouse the spawn there to hostility."

Essence Vial Essence Vial

Head back to the Carved Menhir(8.1N, 77.4E) and kill 12 Slave Spawns to collect their essences with the supplied Essence Vial then return to Polauri (8.4N 75.9E) in Hakata and hand him the Essence Vial.

Polauri tells you,
"Ah! Yes! This will do nicely...."
"There! Give this fetish to the strange spawn you have found. Its behavior should be... interesting."

Fetish Fetich Fetish Fetich

He will give you a Fetish Fetich and ask you to head back to Carved Menhir(8.1N, 77.4E) and enter the temple. Fight your way back to the Chained Fetich Spawn and give it the Fetish Fetich

 The spawn wraps its limbs around you and sinks into the ground!

You will be dragged down deep into the temple, make your way down the linear passage, the series will continue with Alien Parasite.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Skinlab, Grudge and Widgeon