Quest Name: Darkstone

Requirements: Level 31+


      60,000 XP
      3,000 QP

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Ancestor Head(30.5N, 91.2E), Northeast Farali Outpost


Ancestor tells you,
"The Burun worship creatures known as Gurogs. The Gurogs are powerful beasts, and seem to draw their power from artifacts called Darkstones. Find a Gurog Emissary near the Choker and bring its Darkstone back to me for study."

Travel back to the Ringway and use it to go to the Southeast Farali Outpost from here travel northwest to The Choker(23.6N, 82.3E). Here you will find a giant mushroom and at its base are 2 Gurog Emissary and a Burun Immortal. If at all possible lure one Gurog away and kill him to attain a Faded Darkstone. Once you have collected the item return to the Ancestor Head(30.5N, 91.2E) at Northeast Farali Outpost.

Faded Darkstone

Ancestor tells you,
"Ha! You mortal weaklings are so easily fooled. My Burun masters will be glad to receive this gift! Take this curse as your payment, and drag your wretched ..."
"... wait ... I can help you ..."
"Quickly... I cannot fight off the Burun's corruption long. The curse can be lifted, but only if you slay a Burun Immortal. Do this, and I will undo the damage I have been forced to do. Now go, before my masters find out..."

After you have given the Faded Darkstone to the Ancestor once you have done this you will be cursed with the following effects.

Darkstone Skin The Ancestor has used the Darkstone's power to corrupt your flesh.
Burun Deceit A debilitating curse given by a deranged Ancestor.

Travel back to The Choker and kill the Burun Immortal, as soon as you have done this return back to the Ancestor(31.2N, 93.1E) at Northeast Farali Outpost once more and speak to it to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

 Ancestor tells you,
"Well done. I can break thr curse now. Take the restored Darkstone as well before he Burun find it!"

Darkstone Darkstone Might:
The Darkstone's power will absorb incoming damage 50% of the time for 3 hours. It's possible the Darkstone's power will heal you if the damage absorbed is less than 135 points. When the Darkstone's power fades, you will gain a 10-point armor increase for 3 hours. The cost of having this power is a 10-point reduction in natural armor for the first 3 hours.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab