Dank Relics


Quest Name: Dank Relics

Requirements: Level 32+


            320,000 XP
            Mimbu Noise Stick

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Giles Beaudry (28.2N, 72.4E), Ankoro


Giles Beaudry tells you, "I am Giles Beaudry, pleased to make your acquaintence. I'm doing some archaeological research on the ancient Empyrean sites in this region. I could certainly use an able-bodied assistant, so if you would like to help, why don't you go have a look-see at the Dank Empyrean Ruins? Bring back any artifacts you find there, and please handle them with care!"

Dank Empyrean Ruins Map

The Dank Empyrean Ruins is west of the Northeast Farali Outpost which is off the 2nd hop on the Farali Ringway (29.7N, 71.7E). Once you enter the Dank Empyrean ruins, follow the path until you reach the first " T " intersection turn East, you will find a Gate , enter the gate. An Empyrean Figurine will be to your left. Pick it up to advance the quest.

Empyrean Figurine

Return to Giles Beaudry (28.2N, 72.4E) to complete the quest.

Giles Beaudry tells you, "This is an amazing find, and in remarkable shape given the adverse conditions of the site. If archaeology interests you, give me a moment to study this find, and then speak to me again. I have much more knowledge to share."

You gain 120,000 XP

Speak to him again to begin the Dank Relics - Consultation

Giles Beaudry tells you, "This item definitely looks Empyrean! I'd like you to take it to one of my colleagues for a second opinion, though. Her name is Polauri, and you'll find her in Hakata."

Take the Portal to Hakata (27.8N, 73.0E), and hand the Empyrean Figurine to Polauri(8.3N, 76.2E).

Polauri tells you, "Oh, Giles sent you? Yes, this is a very interesting artifact, one of his best finds yet. It is certainly Empyrean, and he would probably be interested to know that I have seen similar markings on pottery in the Eastern Farali Region."

Once this is done travel back to Giles Beaudry (28.2N, 72.4E) in Ankoro and hand him back the Figurine.

Giles Beaudry tells you, "Oh, fascinating! If you'd like to assist me further, speak to me again."

You gain an additional 100,000 XP

Speak to him again to begin the Dank Relics - Exploration

Giles Beaudry tells you, "Polauri's message was most intriguing. For your next task, journey to Eastern Farali. See if you can find a sample of the pottery she mentioned."

Take the Ferali Ringway portal (29.7N, 71.7E) and travel the ringway to the Northeast Ferali Outpost then head southeast, you will find the Empyrean Pottery at (29.8N, 93.6E) and further south at (27.2N, 93.9E).

Empyrean Pottery

Once you have collected one return to Giles Beaudry (28.2N, 72.4E) in Ankoro and hand him the Empyrean Pottery.

Giles Beaudry tells you, "You found it! Yes, yes, these glyphes are definitely akin to early Empyrean. Thank you for your help! Here, take this as a souvenir. I found it during an excavation, but it's not Empyrean."

You gain an additional 120,000 XP

Mimbu Noise Stick

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab