Deep Darkenfowl Egg Hunt


Quest Name: Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Hunt(Group)

Requirements: Level 20+


      15,000 XP
      Chthonic Darkenfowl Potion(Maximum Vigor Bonus)

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hour Reset

Start Location: Akhri the Egg Collector (5.8S, 44.3E), Eastern Kydi Outpost


Akhri the Egg Collector tells you,
"Beware the Chthonic Darkenfowl! They're much tougher, but their eggs also make very potent drinks! I'll take eggs from either of them. But don't carry more than one of each kind of egg at once. They're quite fragile."

Travel east from Akhri the Egg Collector, Darkenfowl Roosts are located at (7.2N, 47.9E)

Deep Darkenfowl Roost Map

Once you enter the Dungeon you will need to kill Deep Darkenfowl and fight your way to the deeper parts of the dungeon. Hug the left wall until you reach the second spiral staircase. At the bottom of this staircase you will find the Chthonic Darkenfowl, These are group level creatures and a group is advised. Kill Chthonic Darkenfowl until a Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg drops, the drop is random but should only take between 1-10 kills to find one. Once you have looted a egg, return to Akhri the Egg Collector (6.9N, 43.9E), Eastern Kydi Outpost.

Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg

Hand the egg to Akhri, to complete the quest and gain your reward.

Akhri the Egg Collector tells you,
"Excellent! What a superb egg specimen! This will make a very powerful energy drink!"

Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Potion Confers an slight boost to maximum vigor

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Updated 10/22/2013