Burun Portal Beacon Blowout


Quest Name: Burun Portal Beacon Blowout

Requirements: Level 35+


            Various Portal Shards to different Omishan cities
            Burun Summoner Gem (Burun Pet) - does not drop every time

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: 1 Day Reset

Start Location: Kill a Burun Recruit on Omishan along any Burun infested ringways, Ferali and Vesayan primarily.


You have just intercepted a Browerk Burun Recruit on his way to join his brethren at the <blowout-location>. Find a way to disable the Burun's Portal Beacon so they can no longer summon recruits to their seige.
The Portal Beacon in the <blowout-location> has the ability to regenerate itself at will. It will be very difficult to destroy it without help from another.

Once the quest has started travel to and speak with Erinore Sorvien in Ankoro (29.0N, 72.0E). She will then ask that you hand her a weapon, she then imbues a permanent effect on your weapon called "Sledgehammer". This allows you to destroy the portal beacons.

Erinore Sorvien tells you,
"What, you intercepted a Burun recruit? Then you have experienced first-hand what I have also observed -- the Burun are using their Portal Beacons to summon reinforcements to besiege our outposts! But I know the way to stop them. Give me any weapon, and I will cast a spell on it that will help you destroy their beacons."

Hand Erinore Sorvien a weapon to be imbued.

Erinore Sorvien tells you,
"Perfect. Now watch!"

Look at the text for your quest it will tell you the Outpost you will need to travel too to complete the quest. Kill all the creatures surrounding the Portal Beacon. Destroy the Portal Beacon with the imbued weapon. Loot a Crystal Needle from the Portal Beacon

Crystal Needle

Use it as a key to loot the chest located nearby. Each member of your fellowship must loot a Crystal Needle to open the chest and recieve the items inside. Only one shard can be looted from the beacon by any fellowship member.

Portal Shard

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab