Burun Orders


Quest Name: Burun Orders

Requirements: Level 25


           35,000 XP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Keranua (8.4N, 76.1E)


While hunting Burun Scouts during the Burun Interdiction or Burun Punishment quests you will recieve Burun Orders take them and give them to Keranua to start this quest.

Burun Orders Burun Orders

Keranua tells you,
"Hm. Written orders. Can't read the runes though. I wonder if you'd be so kind as to bring this to Akkilea at Zu? He knows a lot about Burun lore. Too much if you ask me, but that's none of my business."

You will then be sent to take the orders to Akkilea (16.7N, 73.8E) in Zu.

Akkilea tells you,
"Ah, ah, I see. It doesn't say where they come from, but these scouts were sent a long way. They had instructions to search for a temple in the Hakata area. Apparently this is a matter of some concern to some Burun elders. I will make a translation. You should bring the translated orders back to Hakata immediately."

Travel back to Keranua (8.4N, 76.1E) in Hakata.

Keranua tells you,
"Hm... Hm. What? They're looking for a temple? Why would they-- Well, I guess I don't really care why they're here. But Chief Ariatah will want to know about this. Please give him the translated orders."

Travel to Chief Ariatah (8.6N 75.8E) in Hakata.

Ariatah tells you,
"Huh. I see. These Burun are searching for a an ancient temple in the area. This tells us something, but there is still much to learn about what is going on. Thank you for your help, <playername>."

When you speak to him again he says:

Ariatah tells you,
"Adventurer! Polauri is an elder of great knowledge and foresight. She requires assistance in some matter, so please offer your services if you will."

Make your way to Polauri (8.4N 75.9E) for the next part in the series.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Grudge