Boon Permission


Quest Name: Boon Permission (unknown if still active)

Requirements: Level: 16+, Must be aligned to a kingdom (Order, Shadow, Dominion)


            XP Boost Buff

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Go to your Kingdom HQ in Ikeras and speak with your perspective NPC to receive the quest, Sir Akreg(Order), Shi Horinua(Shadow), Overseer Suthanna (Dominion).


Sir Akreg tells you, "Hello there. The Celestial Well is quite a sight to see, isn't it? All in the Order are free to use it, although I'm afraid I must ask something from you in return first."

"The duration of the Well's boons degrades as more people use it. The only way we've discovered to restore the duration is to infuse the energy contained in enemy Elder motes or granules into the Well."

"I need you to bring me a back a enemy Elder mote or granule. It can be comprised of Dark Metal or Energy Lattice. It really doesn't matter which, but once you do so, I will give you permission to use the Celestial Well."

In the regions surrounding the enemy Elder Mines you will find creatures aligned to enemy Kingdoms. You should hunt these creatures until you find a mote or granule comprised of Elder material. Once you have found this item, bring it back to your Kingdom's holdings and give it to the person overseeing for your Kingdom's Elder Mine boons. They will then give you permission to receive a boon from the Elder Mine.

Beware! While you will be safe from other player's attacks in most of the region surrounding enemy Elder Mines, you will be vulnerable to attack in a small area surrounding the mine. If you do not wish to be attacked by other players, do not get too close to the enemy mine. 

Once you have the item return it to the Kingdom NPC whom you got the quest from.

Sir Akreg tells you, "I will infuse this into the Celestial Well. This should help us restore the duration of our Elder Mine boons. Thank you!"

"You can now use the Celestial Well whenever you'd like. Don't forget that the duration of the boon cast by the Well degrades as more people use it. If you want to restore the duration, bring me back more motes. They can be either Dark Metal motes or Energy Lattice motes."

"The power of your Kingdom's Elder Mine has been granted you through a spell that increases all of the experience you earn from killing monsters. Touch the device linked to your Kingdom's Mine to receive your boon."

Celestial Well (Order)
Dark Source (Shadow)
Energy Font (Dominion)

Touch your kingdom well inside your kingdom HQ to receive the boon.

Now that you've received your boon, you will not be able to receive another until the first boon wears off.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab