Destroy Black Ferahs Shadow


Quest Name: Destroy Black Ferahs Shadow

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero


            % based XP - 3% needed to level

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: 5 Day Reset

Start Location: Enter the Shadow Antechamber (10.8N, 62.3E) in Ikeras and speak to Leken Master at Arms


Leken - Master at Arms tells you, "Greetings,<playername>. The villainous Black Ferah survives somewhere far from Dereth, but her shadow continues to regenerate in Dark Throne Keep. If you can destroy her shadow, she will be weakened and distracted."

"have told you all that I can. Find Black Ferah's Shadow and destroy it!"

"Use the portal device to transport yourself to Dark Throne Keep to destroy her."

Use Portal across from Leken to be transported into the dungeon.

The first section you enter is filled with various Sclavus it is best to use a run potion or spell and run past them and enter the portal located at the far side of the room in the temple structures.

The second area you enter is filled with large Sclavus which will not attack you as long as you to not attack them. Run past them and speak with the Shadow of Black Ferah. She will teleport you to a cave like dungeon. Make your way through this cave area and find 3 keys that will be located on the ground.

Forgotten Abyss Key
Lost Abyss Key
Keyname 3

Then make your way to a set of three doors each key will open a corresponding in sequence make sure your whole party stays close to the key holder as you open each door. Once you have gone through the three doors, speak with the Shadow of Black Ferah once again. She will disappear your quest will advance and you will be ambushed immediately afterwards. Kill the ambushers and loot a key from one of their bodies.

Isin Dules Cell Key

Your quest panel should have advanced to say "Find the Shadow of Black Ferah, and defeat her". In the chance your quest does not advance let your fellowship know, you will need to repeat the previous encounter with her shadow to get the advance. Enter the portal.

Once you emerge from the portal travel south to Isin Dules cell enter and continue south until you encounter the Shadow of Black Ferah for the third time.

Before activating or attacking her in any way tell your ranged to go to the far end of the room where the huge gate is located, this will allow them not to be located near a minion spawn point.

The Shadow of Black Ferah has four phases, each time you kill her she returns in a more powerful form immediately, during this change Dark Vermin minions will appear defeat them as fast as possible. In her fourth and final phase she will summon several Dark Shadow minions. Defeat this final form to complete the quest and receive your experience award.

Encountered Creatures:
Raging Chaos Wisp
Dark Shadow Armiger
Dark Shadow Knight
Dark Throne Sclavus
Dark Throne Spawn
Dark Throne Seneschal
Dark Vermin

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab