Beat the Sturdy Practice Dummy


Quest Name: Beat the Sturdy Practice Dummy

Requirements: Level 36

Reward: 1,000,000 XP

Time Limit: 90 Seconds once you use potion

Reset Timer: 7 Days

Start Location: Jorwea (27.2N, 55.5E), Rakani


Jorwea tells you,

"You're a mighty one! Would you like to fight one of the enchanted Sturdy Pactice Dummies? Be careful...they fight back! Go ahead and practice on the Sturdy Practice Dummies nearby. When you think you're good enough to kill one in 90 seconds, stand here in the dirt square and use this gem. A dummy will spawn, and if you can defeat it before it dissappears, you will have proven yourself a true warrior."

Use the Item given to you "Enchanted Practice Dummy" next to Jorwea(27.2N, 55.5E), Which will start the quest. You have 90 seconds to defeat the dummy. If you fail you will have to wait seven days to redo.

  Enchanted Practice Dummy

Ending: Upon beating the Dummy talk to Jorwea again to recieve the reward

Jorwea says:

"Well, come back next week and try again!"

Misc. Information:

Write-up by: Grudge