Uncover the Past (Group)


Quest Name: Uncover the Past (Group)

Requirements: Level 51+


      % based XP - 5% needed to level
      Paper Flesh

Time Limit: 6 Hours

Reset Timer: 6.5 Day Reset

Start Location: Lodrog the Forsaken (22.3S, 32.0W), south of Ondekodo


Lodrog the Forsaken tells you,
"Mortal. For many long years I proudly proclaimed that my people were blind, that they could not see how the Undead used them. Yet it was I who could not see."
"I was the pawn of the Archons. They twisted my quest to free my people from slavery to their own ends. They used me as a tool in their campaign to weaken Rytheran."
"Now with the Undead broken and scattered, it is time to act. Garaena, who now resides in the Mage Academy, is still an enemy, but my people must see. They must know of our past, of the times before our servitude."
"After the death of Chief Bloodhorn, the Undead tried to destroy our memories of our past. They scoured the halls beneath Goarata and tried to destroy all lore written by our Sages about the days before. Further damage was done to those halls when those fools the Archons carved their holding beneath our fortress."
"Yet, there may still be some scraps of knowledge to be found there. A few tried to preserve our knowledge and hid it there. I am still prevented from leaving this tower, so you must do this for me."
"Take this satchel, enter the undercrofts beneath Goarata and find whatever fragments you can of our most important works. Fill it with whatever you find in the piles of debris that now litter those once proud halls. If you fear the Gurog and do not wish to enter the halls of Goarata, return the satchel to me and I shall give you the task to bring me Revenant bones."
"A final warning: that fool who calls himself the "King of the Mountain" must be destroyed before you can gain entrance to the undercrofts. Steel yourself for that battle, small one."
"Go now! The Gurog must know their past if they are to have a future."

You have been tasked to collect 5 pieces of Gurog Lore from the Goarata Undercrofts using the Satchel that he has provided.


Travel to the King of the Mountain (36.1S, 44.7N), one way is to head to Arramora and take the Linvak Portal (12.2N, 48.8W) near the Star Beacon. Once you kill the King of the Mountain (Level 56) enter the portal to the Goarata Undercrofts.

Goarata Undercrofts Map

Once inside the dungeon you will find debris piles scattered about. You must sift through these with your Satchel, double click the Satchel then click on the piles to find the peices. When you find a relic fragment your quest panel will update. When traveling around the caverns you will be looking for piles that look a little differently from normal, they will have a glow to them and be clickable. Their collection is in no particular order and as you collect them your quest will advance.

Annals of Goarata
"...In the 30th year since the Beginning, Bloodhorn, son of... commissioned the building of a great fortress. This fortress was to be called "Goarata," in honor of..."

Bloodhorn Journal
"Verdatine 3, 72 P.Y. --As the day's light dimmed, a shadowy figure appeared at the gates of Goarata today. The figure said it represented a great power, and this power wished to arrange an audience with the Chief of the Gurog. I have agreed to this meeting."
"Father said we should fear the darkness, but one never gained power by living in fear. It was not by living in fear that I united those who rebelled against him under one banner. I shall meet this power and see what it has to say."

Cronicles of the first Chief
"...High Chief... friend of Kresovus... guided us... ways of the blade and smith... "

Legres' Treatise
"... strange to think how far we've advanced in the scant... years of the life of our race... advances in ways of magic... Lord Asheron demonstrated..."

Scroll of the beginning
"... we, though not born of this world, came to be born on it... through the art of others we came to be... we, once unthinking... without past, now gifted with thought and memory... strange birth... our masters, who cared for us, now our teachers..."

Once you have collected all five of the relics return to Lodrog the Forsaken (22.3S, 32.0W), south of Ondekodo.

Lodrog the Forsaken tells you,
"Impressive, you have found fragments of all of our important writings. With enough fragments of our lore and history, I will be able to show my people what we once were, and what we've lost in our servitude!"
"For you though, I will give you a vial of Paper Flesh. The potion found in this vial is the result of my studies of the Undead. Pour it over any weapon, and that weapon will temporarily weaken the armor of your enemy."
"Know that this will only work on the first enemy attacked, and there is only enough potion in the vial for one weapon."

Paper Flesh Applied to a weapon, gives effect of lowering your targets armor by 50, Effect lasts one fight only, Destroyed on use,

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge