Stolen Sirluun Cargo


Quest Name: Stolen Sirluun Cargo

Requirements: Level 45


      % based XP, 8,400,000 Cap
      Drudge Fireworks

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Elder Jrim (12.5S, 21.0W), Drudgerton


Elder Jrim tells you,
"See the Luxurious plumage that I adorn myself with? Privilege of my mystic rank, but also the seat of my power! The most potent of mystic totems, these Siraluun feathers are! But they are so very rare - the Siraluun went extinct during the Devistation. After much seeking, we've uncovered the cashes of precious feathers our ancestors buried far beneath the ground. A shipment of them was on its way to me here in Drudgerton, but it was intercepted by the Gurog! The sacrilege! So! Honorary Drudges do honor compels them to! Find the Gurog that stole our feathers, and weave them into a Siraluun Headdress for me. Do this, and I and all of Drudgerton will welcome you into the New Drudgerton Republic! Yes!"

Find a Blue, Green and Iridescent Feather from the corpses of Gurog and craft them into a Siraluun Headdress. Any Gurog on Linvak has a chance of dropping the Scrolls that will guide you to the location of a feather.

Blue Gurog Treasure Map
Green Gurog Treasure Map
Iridescent Gurog Treasure Map

You will use the maps much like the maps for Surveying and Mining, Follow the directions on the map to get you close to there location then double click the map and it will guide you in a direction to the location of the Drudge Chest that contains the feather. Be warned when you find the chest, 2-3 Gurog will spawn at the same time as the Chest and you will need to defeat them before looting.

Blue Siraluun Feather
Green Siraluun Feather
Iridescent Siraluun Feather

Once you have all three feathers use the crafting recipe to create the headdress, Skills window, Craft tab, Quest Recipes.

Siraluun Headdress

Once you have made the headdress return and give the headdress to Elder Jrim (12.5S, 21.0W) in Drudgerton to recieve your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab