Slay the Gray Flayer


Quest Name: Slay the Gray Flayer

Requirements: Level 45+ / Must be Hero


      3,000,000 XP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Portus (10.1S, 30.0W), Linvak Tukal


Portus tells you,
"Greetings, Hero. The dreadful Gray Flayer has somehow crossed from Linvak to Omishan. The local Timerok militia are not familiar with flayers and cannot deal with this horrible monster. Please help us track the creature down and end its depredations."
"We have heard the Gray Flayer is now near <location> in Omishan, but it may move on soon."

Obscure Ruined Village (20.3N, 69.2E)
West coast of Omishan (24.1N, 48.6E)
West of the portal from Omishan to Linvak (17.4N, 90.6E)

If you are unable to find the creature it may be due to random respawn or he has already been killed return to Portus to find the next spawn location. Once you have slain the Gray Flayer return to Portus(10.1S, 30.0W) just outside Linvak Tukal to claim your reward.

Portus tells you,
"All the people of Omishan are in your debt, Hero!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab