Slay Gurog Oathbreaker


Quest Name: Slay Gurog Oathbreaker (Group)

Requirements: Level 50+, completed the Slay Gurog Ancients quest


      % based XP, .5% Needed to level
      Treasure Chest loot

Time Limit: 5 Days

Reset Timer: 5 Days Reset

Start Location: Gurog High Shaman (37.3S, 58.3W) north of New Mage Academy Portal, Malthabbor


Gurog High Shaman tells you,
"Again, I hail you, Skinlab. Now I require another service. Slay the great warrior-chief Harren Oathbreaker and I will give you much wealth."

You have been tasked to kill the Oathbreaker. He is located east of the quest giver mixed in with the other Gurog. The gurog in this area are grouped and will make this difficult to solo it is advised to run this as a group. When you are done return for your reward.

Gurog High Shaman tells you,
"Excellent, you have slain the Oathbreaker, a mighy deed of arms! Take what you will from this chest of mine, it contains much wealth plundered from the roots of the cold mountains."

Ancient Treasure Chest Key

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab