S.H.R.E.T.H. Base Ultra (Group)


Quest Name: S.H.R.E.T.H. Base Ultra (Group)

Requirements: Level 46+


            % based XP - 3% needed to level

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Justicar Maronak (10.3S, 31.6W), Linvak Tukal


Justicar Maronak tells you, "We have been investigating a secretive criminal organization known only as SHRETH. We mounted a large raid on their so-called secret base, but unfortunately, the base seems to have been abandoned. Our investigation is now at a standstill, unless you can uncover further clues about their operation."

After you talk to Justicar Maronak, travel to the Frozen Ravine (9.9S, 54.7W) in East Gevoth.

Frozen Ravine Map

Once in Frozen Ravine you will need to run through and grab the torn scrap. From frozen ravine drop run forward and take the second passage on your right to the entrance door. From there, follow the path to the first room, take the passage on the left which will lead you to another room continue straight across, and then finally your next left. This will take you to a hall with outlets on your left and right. The Torn Scrap is in the last alcove on the right this will advance your quest.

Torn Scrap


After picking up the Torn Scrap head to the Gurokora Ringway and take the northwest shelf portal. Mount up and travel to the Mysterious Portal at (29.7S, 50.2W).

This will take you to a good sized island filled with various Gromnies. From the drop run forward and follow the path up to the left which will take you through a cavern walk way and eventually to a door with many single letter buttons. Use the buttons to spell out "SHRETH" then use the door to enter.

Once inside do not take any lefts or rights, just continue straight. There are mobs named "flunky" but they will not attack unless attacked first. The best thing to do is to not fight the monsters in here, but the instant you do attack anything, you get an "Alarm" debuff effect that lasts for 4 hours that causes you to be aggro'd by all the monsters within the dungeon. Be warned that Shreth will randomly spawn on your group while this debuff is in effect. You will eventually come to a door labeled "Warning". Beyond it there are level 80 mobs that WILL attack you. So either kill them or run by them (they usually run out of aggro before the next part).

After continuing straight you will come across the SHRETH Warden and his SHRETH Mascots. They will not attack you unless you attack first. You need to kill the Warden and loot a key. You can attack the warden without the shreths gaining aggro as long as you do not use any area of effect spells. So either pull the warden or do not use AOE. After looting the key, use it on the door to teleport to the next phase.

From here on it is a maze that consists of SHRETH patrol guards that will mark you as a target for turrets which deal 700-900 dmg. The SHRETH patrol guards will mark you once they see or or if you are to close. The turrets have horrible accuracy and can easily be dodged by strafing, some skill required. Once marked, the spell can be removed by death or by the Order kingdom spell "Call". So it is wise to bring someone with rez or 2000 order kingdom points. For the record you can run through to the boss by yourself, some skill required (in case a fellow mate dies and they know the way).

Once inside the next area continue straight until you enter the giant cave. Stay back and observe from afar the guards standing in front of the ramp. There are 2 on the ground and 1 at the top of the ramp. The patrols do what their name says and patrol. So if they are not there, then they will be walking around. If they are there, sit tight and wait for them to move on with their patrol route. Another method is having a tank run up and have them chase him away from the ramp while the team runs by without getting marked. The tank will get marked so either "call" him or have him die and then rez him.

Once they are distracted or on thier patrol quickly run up the ramp and take the second left. It is a safe spot to regroup once once out of range of the patrols. Continue straight and proceed up the big ramp. Towards the top, to your LEFT, there is another path. You will need to jump to this path. After you made the jump continue left (if you are facing the new path from the big ramp it is left). Follow the path up and around past a total of 3 turrets (if you are not marked they wont attack) and into the next door for phase 3.

From drop continue straight, into the giant room, and find the next door in front of you that is guarded by 2 turrets. If you ID the door it says locked, but it is not really locked. Open the door and continue into the maze tower (note that the door can only be opened upon entering; meaning once inside you can not open the door. Though this does not affect anyone, unless your attempting to open the door for a marked group member trying to run past the turrets.)

The tower maze consists of walls and hidden doors which will help you avoid other turrets on your way up. Once you make it to the top there is a wall that will open to a long bridge, which leads to the door to phase 4

If you are marked the next drop will be difficult for you as it has 2 turrets guarding the drop area, which will be located behind you. Run forward and dodge to get around the bend. From here just go straight until you observe a room with SHRETH members lv. 80's that will attack if you get to close. Keep in mind that there are patrols, do avoid them if possible.

Head to the Commander's office where you will find Number Two (lvl 80), Group class creature. Once he is defeated loot him for a key to the loot door.



Behind the crowd of SHRETH members is a door. The key looted fromt he commander will unlock that door which will teleport you to the chest room. So if you run by the crowd keep in mind youll need enough time to use the key and then use the door. Once key is used door is operable for the entire fellow. Use the chests to gain your reward.

 Once this thas been done return the decoded document to Justicar Maronak (10.3S, 31.6W) in Linvak Tukal to get your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and "O", Corrections by: Guimas