Rytheran's Bane-Armor of the Darkfoe


Quest Name: Rytheran's Bane / Armor of the Darkfoe

Requirements: Level 41+, Completed Ice Fire quest.


      25,000,000 XP drops to 10,000,000 XP at level 52-53
      60,000 QP
      Darkfoe Breastplate

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Ancestor Head (40.7S, 49.7W), south of New Mage Academy


You will then need to obtain the Seal of the Academy off of a Revenant Lictor (Level 48). You can collect this item prior to forming a Fellowship to make things easier, only one person in the group needs this item. Additionally a member of the group will need a Sun Blaze weapon from the Ice Fire quest to help weaken the final boss and make the fight shorter.

Seal of the Academy

Make your way to Gurukora and take the Malthabor Ringway Northwest (28.0S, 38.2W), follow the ringway to the Malthabor Ringway Southwest (39.0S, 43.0W). If you wish you can set your lifestone here. Travel southwest from this point and follow the gorge to the Ancestor Head (40.7S, 49.7W), speak to it to start the quest for your whole Fellowship.

Ancestor tells you,
"You must find and break the Academy's seal to enter!"

Have your fellowship gather at the portal to the New Mage Academy(41.2S, 49.8W), Use the collected Seal of the Academy so your group can enter. Once inside fight your way down to the portal for Rytheran's Sanctum.

New Mage Academy Map

Fight your way through various Gurog and Undead until you reach Garaena(level 55), Have your members equip thier Sun Blaze weapons before confronting Garaena. Once you kill Garaena your quest will complete and you will recive the quest Armor of the Dark Foe. Make your way to the exit portal which is located close to were you entered the Sanctum, this will teleport you outside. Go and speak to the Ancestor Head (40.7S, 49.7W) to complete this additional quest and recieve your Darkfoe Breastplate.

Ancestor tells you,
"We give thanks to you. Accept this breastplate as the mark of an enemy of the encroaching darkness."

Darkfoe Breastplate Armor Rating: 72
Combat Delay: 18
Darkfoe Aura: Reflects a portion of the incoming damage back on the attacker

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Corrections by: Xendrane

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge