Ray's Elements


Quest Name: Ray's Elements

Requirements: Level 40


      Fixed 750,000 XP
      2000 QP
      Ray's Blue Rocket Recipe
      Ray's Red Rocket Recipe

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Ray (12.5S, 21.0W), Drudgerton


Ray tells you,
"Come to celebrate the Blazing Drudge Festival, have you? Well I am the drudge for you! Bring me 3 Copper elements from
Kleptor's mine to the southwest of the North Thusik Outpost and 3 Aluminium elements from Pocket's mine along the road to
the northeast. Once I have those elements I'll show you how to make fireworks of your very own!"

Travel the ringway to North Thusik Outpost and find Kleptor(5.7S, 23.5W)
Kleptor tells you,
"The copper in this mine will make the fireworks of the most perfect blue there is. I'm awefully sentimental about my copper, but
if you give me 25 gold I think I can be persuaded to part with some of it."

You pay him 25 Gold:
"Now that's the ticket! I'll Let you mine five times. After that you'll have to come back tomarrow."

Collect the Copper from the mine within the 1 Hour time frame and return to the Ringway, travel the ringway to Eastern Thusik Outpost and find Pockets (8.8S, 17.2W)

Pile of Copper

Pockets tells you,
"This is the only aluminium deposit in the whole wide world! Pockets found it before anyone else did and put in a claim for his
very own! But pockets isn't a selfish drudge. For 25 Gold, you can have 5 swings at it."

You pay him 25 Gold:
"Some day, Pockets will be rich, rich! And all thanks to his lovely, lovely aluminium mine."

Collect the Aluminium within the 1 Hour time frame and make your way back to Ray(12.5S, 21.0W) in Drudgerton through the Thusik Ringway. Hand Ray 3 of each of the Copper and Aluminium.
Pile of Aluminium

Ray tells you,
"Ah the festival is night, I can just feel it! Now I'll teach you how to make fireworks of your very own!"

You will recieve your XP/QP and two Recipes which you can find in your Skills, Craft, Quest Recipes, Drudge Fireworks listing.

Ray's Blue Rocket Recipe
Black Powder
Launching Tube
3 Copper Elements
Ray's White Rocket Recipe
Black Powder
Launching Tube
3 Aluminium Elements

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge