Linvak: Portal Beacon Blowout


Quest Name: Portal Beacon Blowout(Linvak Massif)

Requirements: Level 40+


      Gurog Summoner Gem (one time use, pet Gurog)
      Portal Shards to various Linvak Massif cities

Time Limit: Unknown

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Kill a Gurog Minion Recruit, these can be found along the Stoneshadow Ringway spawns typically near a outpost.


Once you have killed the Gurog Minion Recruit the quest will begin, Travel to Linvak Tukal and speak to Shi Aurona (10.4S, 31.2W). You will be asked to give her a weapon, she then imbues a effect on the weapon called "Sledghammer" which will allow you to destroy the portal beacons.

The quest will tell you which outpost beacon you must destroy, killing the beacon advances the quest. You have two ways to complete this quest. Clear the Outpost then destroy the beacon, as this way give you a chance at free Ebon Pyreals of the corpses of the Gurog. All fellowship members must have joined before the killing of the beacon to get access to the Crystal Needle from the beacon to open the chest.

Crystal Needle

Now use the needle to open the supply chest and loot your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab