Ludward's Nightmare


Quest Name: Ludward's Nightmare (Group)

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 0.5% needed to level

Time Limit: 36 Hours

Reset Timer: Repeatable

Start Location: Southern Gevoth Outpost, Quest starts once a Gear Knight Artificer has been killed.


Ludward tells you, "Oh, why do you disturb me? I have failed! Failed, I tell you! My Gear Knight army has turned into a nightmare!"

"Go find a Gear Knight Artificer and destroy it! Those constructs repair and rebuild destroyed Gear Knights. After you destroy it, go demolish more Gear Knights. Perhaps we can still put an end to this nightmare!"

Find a Gear Knight Artificer (Solo Class) level 65 and kill him, this will start the quest. You will be tasked to kill 105 total Gear Knights of various specified types. You will need a fellowship if you wish to complete this quest as three of the types are of Group Class, form your fellowship prior to starting the quest if possible.

You will need to kill the following combination of Gear Knights:

30 - Gear Knight Knave (Solo Class), level 60
25 - Gear Knight Squire (Solo Class), level 62
20 - Gear Knight Knight (Solo Class), level 64
15 - Gear Knight Guardian (Group Class), level 64
10 - Gear Knight Champion (Group Class), level 66
5 - Gear Knight Marshal (Group Class), level 68

Once the final Gear Knight has been killed the quest will complete and you will recieve your reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab