Lodrog the Forsaken


Quest Name: Lodrog the Forsaken

Requirements: Level 39+


      4,000,000 XP, drops to 1,000,000 XP @ 51
      40,000 QP
      6 Rattles of Blind Death

Time Limit: 2.5 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Lodrog the Forsaken(22.3S, 32.0W), south of Ondekodo


Lodrog the Forsaken tells you,
"It does not surprise me that you did not feel up to this task, mortal! You seemed weak in spirit and frame. I will give you a task more appropriate to your abilities! Find me Revenant bones so that I may study them."

Lodrog the Forsaken has tasked you to retrieve a bone from three types of Revenants. The three types can be found in two locations.

The first location is immediately around where the quest starts. You will find Revenant Prefects in this location. Kill them until you recieve thier Thighbone.

Revenant Prefect Thighbone

Next travel to the Thusik Ringway until you reach Drudgerton, east of Drudgerton you will find many Revenant Conscript and Revenant Legionary mixed in with Gurog. They are spread out so single pulling should not be an issue.

Revenant Conscript Thighbone
Revenant Legionary Thighbone

Once you have all three Thighbones return to Lodrog the Forsaken(22.3S, 32.0W) south of Ondekodo to recieve your reward.

Lodrog the Forsaken tells you,
"I am surprised; I judged you too weak to complete this task. In return for your service, I will give you these rattles that will blind some of the weaker Undead to your presence. But be careful, for they will protect only you, and each can be used only once. Also, the Undead have learned of these magics and have adapted. They are not as susceptible to them as they once were."
"Also, know that if you wish to slay Garaena, Rytheran's student who resides in the halls of the Mage Academy and guides many of the surviving Undead, you will need a weapon of the Ancients cleansed by the Font of Icefire, which lays in the domain of the Winterhollows. Only with the magics of the Icefire can you lay Garaena low."
"Go to the northern peninsula of that land, and seek out the Frostbound One. His spirit will tell you how to find the Font."

Rattles of Blind Death The undead will not attack you unless attacked first(for most undead)

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge