Get Buzzed


Quest Name: Get Buzzed

Requirements: Level 40+


      % based XP, 2% needed to level

Time Limit: 1 Day

Reset Timer: 2 Hours Reset

Start Location: Stubby (25.9S, 37.7W), near The Water Walk


Stubby tells you,
"Is it changing seasons or something? Have you seen these wasps! They are bigger then my head! I was talking to The Eli Spinekeeper the other day and he tells me that an Eli has been secretly breeding Phyntos wasps in a dungeon near 13S, 5.5W. In order to help control the influx of wasps, head to his hideout and kill the Wasp Breeder!"

Travel to Whitebay and take the Oriad Ringway to Northern Oriad Outpost, once here travel east and enter The Wasp Breeder's Hideout(13.0S, 5.5W). Follow the linear path until you reach the Wasp Breeder, he has a few guardians that are easily pulled one at a time. Kill the Breeder and loot his body to collect the Onyx Honeycomb.

Onyx Honeycomb

Return to Stubby(25.9S, 37.7W), near The Water Walk and hand him the Onyx Honeycomb.

Stubby tells you,
"Wow, this is some powerful honey. I think the Wasp Breeder was up to a little bit more then we originally anticipated. Thanks for slaying him. If you would like to continue to help control the Onyx Wasp population, kill the wasps and bring me back their wings as proof. My pockets are small so I can only take one wing per hour."

You are now able to hand Stubby one set of wings per hour for 25,000XP each.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab