Find My Idiot Son!


Quest Name: Find My Idiot Son!

Requirements: Level 40


      % based XP: 2,503,673 XP Max cap

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Lord Stubbington III(8.7S, 52.6W), Eastern Gevoth Outpost


(Until quest is fixed this is all the info I have available)

Lord Stubbington III tells you,
"Greetings! I'm sure you're confused, so let me explain. My name is Lord Stubbington III, of the Linvak Stubbingtons. Even though I prefer to keep family business within the family, I need the help of a traveler -- and that's where you come in.

Have you noticed how Stubby's always trying to get his hands on certain items? Eli Eyes and Onyx Wasp Honeycombs, to be specific? Well, the truth is, our family sells those things to Gurogs for their traditional battle-potions. Those potions can make you feel like a shreth with the strength of a warath! And not everyone thinks it's such a good idea to sell them to Gurogs. In fact, it's quite illegal. So it's a shady business, but it's treated our family well over the years, and Gurogs will be Gurogs.

Lately, though, our Honeycombs have started to go missing. Stubby's the only one who could be taking them, and... well... I'm afraid he's become a honey addict. Now, I understand the need to explore new things. Even I took a dip of honey every now and then when I was young and stupid. But with Stubby, I think it's gone too far. It's his pants. He just doesn't keep track of his pants like he used to.

When I tried to discuss his problem, he got angry and stormed off. He's been missing ever since, and I'm starting to fear that he'll do something dumb and hurt himself. Can you try to track my idiot son down? There's that Moose guy who makes Dillobells -- Stubby likes him a lot. If you want the job, that's the first place you should look."

Travel to and speak with Moose Rickenson(19.7S, 31.2W) in Ondekodo

Moose Rickenson tells you,
"What's happening? Yeah, Stubby? He's a cool cat, but last time I saw him, he was pretty bummed out. He kept complaining about how his dad was trying to run his life, and then he started pestering me to make him some Dillobells. Of course I'd have been glad to, but I can't make Dillobells without Reaper Horns. He said he'd give me a honeycomb if I'd help him out, which is just crazy -- you can feed a Dillo with honey, but you can't make a Dillobell from it! Eventually he gave up and went off to chat with Gallus, his idol. Maybe Gallus would have a lead for you."

Travel to and speak with Gallus(21.4S, 4.8W) in Whitebay

Gallus tells you,
"You're looking for who? Stubby? Oh, right, the autograph hound! I must've signed a hundred autographs for him. No idea what he does with them, but it's flattering.

Yes, he dropped by just the other day. He seemed a little confused. He was babbling about Reaper Horns, and how pretty and shiny they are, and how happy he'd be if I could lend him some. He even offered me a nasty old honeycomb in trade!

Of course, I don't keep things like that around. I told him I couldn't help, and he got angry. He said that if I wouldn't do a favor for a fellow Lugian, he'd go talk to the "nice bunny man" on Osteth instead. Maybe he did, but I haven't seen him since."

Travel to and speak with Lahry(29.6N, 7.8W) east of Cragstone

Lahry tells you,
"You're not a rabbit! I like that! Sure, I'll chat for a while.

Stubby? He's a buddy of mine, but I think he's been sick. Last time he dropped by, he looked exhausted, and he kept mumbling about wasps with horns. I suggested a nap in my house to freshen up, and I guess he needed it -- that boy slept for two days straight!

When he finally woke up, I made him some pancakes, and he drizzled this weird-smelling honey all over them before wolfing them down. He was making a mess, so I went to work in my garden for a while. When I got back, all the pancakes were gone, and so was he!

One other thing seemed really strange. I told him about a guy in Cragstone who sold me some cool vacation gear this summer. Stubby asked if he sold other things too, and then he got this weird look in his eyes. You might try asking that vendor if he's seen Stubby lately. Good luck! Beware the hopping horrors!"

Travel to and speak with Furs Turfna(31.9N_11.8W) in Cragstone.

Furs Turfna tells you,
"Hiya, buddy! Whatcha looking for? Hmm... Stubby, Stubby... is he a Lugian, about yea high? Sure, he was here recently. He looked through my inventory and wanted to buy some shades, but he didn't have any money. When I told him I wouldn't trade him anything for honeycombs, he got angry and shoved me. A pair of shades flew out of my pocket, and he grabbed them and ran away! I almost reported him to Officer Cameron, but then I felt sorry for the kid. They don't look kindly on lawbreakers in these parts, and he seemed more like a misguided young man than a real criminal.

Before all the trouble, he asked if I knew of any nice beaches on Linvak, and I suggested the Water Walk. Used to go there all the time until the Gurog moved in. Hope you find him, and if you do, tell that boy to put on some pants!"

Travel to and speak with Stubby(26.1S, 37.7W), south of Southwest Nepeth Outpost, at The Water Walk.

Stubby tells you,
"Hey there! What? You work for my dad, don't you? I bet he's looking for me. Well, good! He doesn't treat me like an adult. Serves him right if he's worried.

Honeycombs? What, you've got some? Oh, no, I don't have any myself. I think I left them wherever I left my pants. Don't you hate pants? They're so restricting! I prefer a nice breeze... especially around here, where it's so warm. Not snowy and cold like home. I'm done with that place! It's the beach for me!

Yeah, as soon as I graduate from trade school, I'm moving out. Dad won't pay for sword-swinging school, so I'm thinking about helping Moose make his dillobells. I'll just bum around, maybe learn to play the lute.

Anyway, this is where I'll be for a while. Tell my dad that if he wants to talk, he can march his fat, lazy butt down here. He won't, of course -- he hates warm weather and sand. He's so lame... and you can tell him I said so! Later."

Return to Lord Stubbington III(8.7S, 52.6W) at Eastern Gevoth Outpost to report your findings and claim your reward.

Lord Stubbington I I I tells you,
"He's slacking off by the beach, huh? What a shocker. At least I know he's safe. Guess I'll give him some time by himself... you know how kids are. Thanks for your help. I'm sure Stubby's mother will be greatful as well."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Thanks to Syryn for letting me know of Stubby's location

Thanks to Gidbinn for Furs Turfna's location

Updated 10/22/2013