Dairy Heir


Quest Name: Dairy Heir

Requirements: Level 40+


      % based XP, 2% to level
      Dillobell (Instrument)

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hours Reset

Start Location: Stubby (25.9S, 37.7W), near The Water Walk


Stubby tells you,
"My cousin Thromer recently ran off to become the new Virindi Imperator. Hey, is that a good thing? Anyway, being the nice guy that he is, he left me his prized herd of Dillos. I just love Dillos -- I used to help Thromer take care of them when I was little. They're so cute! But I guess I've been too busy collecting wasp wings lately, and Dillos take a lot of attention... I'm afraid my new Dillos have gotten sick with some kind of disease that makes them crazy! There's only one person who could help -- my old buddy Moose Rickenson. Do whatever he says, and I'm sure my Dillos will be better in no time. Let me know as soon as you manage to cure them. Oh, yeah, they're located at 17.9S, 18.6W. Please don't hurt any of them! Especially Golas!"

Travel to Ondekodo and speak to Moose Rickenson (19.7S, 31.2W).

Moose Rickenson tells you,
"So you have some sick Dillos. Well, you came to the right place. It sounds like your herd has Crazy Dillo Fever. Any herder knows that if your dillos have a fever, the only prescription is more Dillobell. Bring mw some Reaper Horns and I should be able to slap one together. And don't fear the Reapers! They're not all that tough. You can find a bunch of 'em on Osteth."

You have now been tasked to get Moose Rickenson... Reaper Horns. You can find these off various Reaper class creatures in Eastern Prosper, or you can check the Trait Shop in the major cities and possibly find one. Once you have gathered a set of Reaper Horns, return to Moose Rickenson(19.7S, 31.2W) in Ondekodo and hand him the horns.

Reaper Horns

Moose Rickenson tells you,
"Nice -- I see the Reapers didn't scare you one bit! Here's your Dillobell. Listen, I put my kilt on like the rest of you, one leg at a time. The difference is, once my kilt is on, I make gold Dillobells! Unfortunately, my bells don't make much sound... they can be used to cure your sick dillos, though. Perhaps someone in Dereth knows how to make them sound great. Really explore the space, you know?"

Dillobell(Quest Item Version)

Travel to Keidelur then head west to the Olvidan Farm (17.9S, 18.6W). You will need to use the Dillobell on the Dillos in the fenced in area to the west side of the farm. Golas will be attacking you as you attempt to do this portion, the best way is to be mounted while chasing them, double click the Dillobell in your inventory and use it on the creatures like a Key. Starting with Pathem, then Sahs, and finally Kijoma. Once this is done return to Stubby(25.9S, 37.7W), near The Water Walk and speak to him.

Stubby tells you,
"I can't thank you enough for helping my sick Dillos. I hope Golas didn't give you too hard of a time -- he can get a little feisty. Thromer thanks you too, wherever he is. Hey, is that a Dillobell? Can I see it?"

Hand Stubby the Dillobell.

Stubby tells you,
"Hey, I remember these things! You just have to bend them the right way, and they sound great. There's nothing like a good Dillobell solo to set yer feet to dancin'! Here, give it a try!"

Stubby hands you a Dillobell musical Instrument.

Dillobell(Instrument Version)

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab