Wild Mushroom Hunt


Quest Name: Wild Mushroom Hunt

Requirements: Level 30+


 % based XP, Max Cap 4,447,029 XP
Recipe for Wild Mushroom Stew
1x Wild Mushroom Stew

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 31 Days

Start Location: Speak with Vendor 17(30.6S, 33.1E) Skyport, Knorr


Vendor 17 tells you,
"Bzzt. Greetings visitor. Please consume this unit's tasty mushroom stew. Bzzt. This unit regrets that no stew is currently available. Bzzt. Please supply stew ingredients. Bzzt. Share and enjoy!"

You must gather these mushrooms from the following locations to advance the quests: The mushrooms will typically be amongst a pack of  creatures. You will not see the mushrooms on your radar, but a good clue as to its location is you will find mushrooms on the ground click on these until you find one you can target. It is possible to target them outside of aggro range of the creatures in the camp this can be an effective way to locate them, and use your mounto to ride in and collect it int eh camps with weaker creatures.

Calf's Delight 29.0S, 33.0E Levannath Camp
Spineball 33.7S, 31.3E Scraven Camp
Zapball Fungus 32.5S, 37.8E Kallikan Camp
Black Agaricus 29.1S, 39.2E Monouga Camp
Deathjest Mushroom 35.3S, 43.9E Banderling Camp

Once all five mushrooms have been gathered return to Vendor 17 (30.6S, 33.1E) to recieve your reward.

Vendor 17 tells you,
"Thank you. Bzzt. Mushroom submission accepted. Please talk to this unit again to receive stew and recipe."
"All ingredients for Wild Mushroom Stew have been registered. Stand by for stew recipe and sample."

Icon Item Information
Wild Mushroom Stew +100 health for 2 hours. Does not stack with other Knorr mushroom stews 

Misc. Information:

Mushrooms do stack and can be used for a future re-do of the quest but does take up pack space during the reset timer of 31 days.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab