Tribi Outpost


Quest Name: Tribi Outpost

Requirements: Level 65+, Piercing the Shield Wall completed


            % based XP - 4% needed to level

Time Limit: Unknown

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Leftenant Jassel (), Shield Wall Gates


Leftenant Jassel  tells you, "If you want to do the same make your way out to those ruins and see if you can find a Cube of your own. I was lucky, I found mine just lying on the floor. I doubt you'll have that same luck though!"

Keep speaking to the Leftenant and the other NPCs until the quest will not advance any more. Go to the Olthoi Tunnels at (56.6S, 34.6E) enter and head until you reach a section with 3 directions that end in 3 rooms. Enter the room straight ahead and talk to the Foreman within.

Foreman tells you,"Instructions in the form of a Runic Cube are required before any actions can be performed."

Kill and or loot the Gearknight Legionaries corpses until you find 2 keys for each member of your fellowship, Now go to the Store Room located to the North of the way to the Foreman you spoke too. Use the first key on the Store Room door, enter and each person needs to pick up a Runic Cube

Now exit the Store Room and travel South to the Map Room. Use the second key on the door to enter. Inside the Store room, eeach person will need to pick up a Stylus. Use the Stylus on the Block and Dot Wells, when you use the Stylus on given Well your Stylus in your inventory will become a Stylus of that type, Block Stylus or Dot Stylus. You will then need to use that given type on the Runic Cube in the following order: (You will not get any advances while doing this process)

1. Block
2. Block
3. Block
4. Dot
5. Dot
6. Dot
7. Block
8. Dot

Double click the Runic Cube to see if your inscription is correct. It should look like the following image (which is the number 4).

The other inscriptions are the following translated from the Lugian alphabet:

1. WALLSEGMENT - Wall Segment
2. GEARLEGIONART - Gear Legionary
3. TWRET - Turret
4. MNEMONIKKWBE - Mnemonic cube
5. KOLOSSWS - Colossus

If your inscription is not correct when you give it to the Forman he will begin fabricating and constructing the matching item this could prove detrimental to your group.

Once everyone has the correct inscription travel back to the Foreman in the middle room and hand him the Runic Cube (Make sure each member takes a turn doing this, DO NOT have two or more people handing it in at the same time)

Foreman tells you, "A blank Mnemonic cube is needed to continue."

Return tot he Store Room located down the north passage once more, and go to the room in the back here you will find the blank Mnemonic cube each member needs one. Return to the Foreman and hand him the item one member at a time.

Foreman tells you, "Beginning fabrication of mnemonic cube........."

"Completing fabrication of Ciphered Mnemonic Cube........."

"Fabrication complete."

  Ciphered Mnemonic Cube

Return tot he Shield Wall and use the Ciphered Mnemonic Cube on the door. You now can use the door to access the Desolation region without using the tunnels.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab